Help End Call Sound and End Call Button

I have two questions:

1) Before the update, there was a sound that indicated when the call was ended. Anyway to get that back?

2) Has anyone figured out a way to change the end button behavior that was previously controlled by the Spare Parts app? I would like to end button to go home and then go to sleep but Spare Parts can't do it under the new software. Any ideas?


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I also would like to get that end call sound back. I've had a couple calls that ended and then I had no idea, only to find the person calling me back and the phone vibrating up against my ear lol.


I am also interested in an END OF CALL sound. Looks like I need a program that sits in the background watching for an end of call FLAG and plays a custom MP3/WAV file.

Anyone have any ideas??


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Don't know but I sure would like that end button mod again....that was the best part of spare parts app!!!!!!!!


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Thats strange the sound went away for you guys after the update. I still get it, maybe a factory reset would get it back.


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I use Not Call Log. It gives you options of what you want done when the call ends. I use it to go to the home screen so i can't accidentally redill the last call.

Im pretty sure they want the end button to work like the Home soft key, not when actually ending a call but anytime they are using the phone.