Help Endlessly looping seamless wallpapers


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Nov 17, 2009
So, after using home++ as my home app for a while, I decided to make some wallpapers that are designed to be seamless (or as close as possible) and to scroll endlessly around the loop.

They're an assortment of renders created in gimp and some simple looping photographs. I'm probably going to make some more (I have more ideas than time, unfortunately), but if anyone is using a looping homespace, feel free to use them. Also, I'm curious what sorts of wallpapers other home++ users are using.

Pictures by shademar - Photobucket or - Droid Wallpapers, Droid Gallery

Some examples:

Heres some pics that I found and resized for home++. The last pic was an attempt by me to photoshop the dragon picture with the android logo. I know it looks crappy. If theres anyone whose willing to touch it up with lighting effects, I can provide original jpgs as well as the psd i worked on. Hope you guys like. Check out what they look like on the homescreen here:



Why was this moved to support and troubleshooting? This thread has to do with wallpapers not about any support issues. I is confuzzled :thinking: