Engineer Mode


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I saw this posted on Tmonews forums and thought I'd throw this your guys' way to see what you can make of this.

Engineer mode on beholdII

So in case you haven't tried or because its android and you just don't care because its all to much at this time.

You can access the engineer mode by same code at Samsung F480, T919, T929 and highlight

that is open dialer type *#6984125*#
first screen is

auto answer enable
auto answer disable

press nav key to right and another menu appears with more options

Just thought I'd let it be known... I did not get to mess around with this (I was just checking out the phone I don't own it) so if you feel up to it have fun search around but be careful.

Also I'd say if there is a debug level option in there somewhere do not switch it to high as on most samsungs this will crash it and phone will need to be reflashed. This is a guess and a warning.