Enjoy Free Plasma Waves Live Wallpaper

Hello Everyone,

I am presenting my Plasma waves Live Wallpaper.


Plasma electric waves that move across your screens. You can choose from 9 different effects. The app uses Open GL2.0 and as a result runs smoother and faster. It does not consume battery when it is not visible. Battery consumption is almost negligible when it is visible.

Here is the market Link:


Hope you like it



Extreme Android User
Why does this wall paper need to access my location, and my bookmarks along with all the webpages i have visited?????

Alicia LWP

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The permissions are required by the StartApp library. My app does not access , read or store any personal data.

I think StartApp uses those permissions to create targeted advertisements. You can decline the startapp sdk when you install the app. The ads are all opt-in based.

Here is my privacy policy

Mobile Privacy Policy


Android Expert
I like the wallpaper. However I would gladly buy a paid version to not have to deal with ads. Especially airpush ads..

Alicia LWP

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Thank you. I can understand. I want to sell paid version of it without ads. But do not have a google merchant account. I am trying to get one though.