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Eonon Ga1312 auto device (1din) with issues

Discussion in 'Automotive' started by umby75, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. umby75

    umby75 Newbie
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    Hello, i week ago i bought the device in subject for my car.
    But when I tried the microphone to use with Google Now and other apps or to recall some contact in Contacts through the voice I noticed that the mic didn't work.
    I tried to hit a factory reset and a reset by hole in front of device but I didn't fix the issue.

    The second issue concern i.e. when i watch something in streaming and any browser that I use, after some secs, gives me to visit akamai.com website!
    I'm very disappointed for my purchase.
    How do you know how can I fix the issues?


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