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Epic 4g touch vs. Bad ass mopho

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gogators1974, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Gogators1974

    Thread Starter

    Let me tell you something that samsung galaxy s epic 4g touch phone is a hunk of crap... Why would anyone want that phone.. Even with that update it got the signal reception is total crap... The screen sucks.. I don't see what is so big about it. It looks like a cartoon... Plus if ya drop it from just an inch it will shatter... Plus gorilla glass(bullshit). I ran my keys over the glass and it scratched.. Now the mopho is the best phone ever made... Biggest thing is it is awesome on reception. Picks up a signal in my area which is roaming. Now i took my keys ran them over my phone and no scratch.. Thats gorilla glass.. The screen is so much better.. Plus is so much easier to root.. Oh my cousin owns a sprint store and i was able to test out the crap touch phone

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  2. rino187

    rino187 Lurker

    The MoPho is better! I always get single where the Galaxy S2 can't!
  3. Gogators1974

    Thread Starter

    The crappy touch got an update to fix the signal issue.. Lol didn't wk
  4. Charding

    Charding Lurker

    I had the Epic and absolutely loved it, except for the fact that GPS barely worked. I had problems with it initially getting a signal and then later holding it. I tried every tip and trick I could find in an attempt to fix it. Nothing worked. Worse yet, nobody at Sprint or Samsung will acknowledge the issue or that it is much of an issue. Not even when you point them to multiple forums where people complain about it.

    Anyway, I am now a MoPho owner with awesome GPS. It just has a few quirks that the Epic did not. First, it does not allow a pattern password screen if you are using Exchange email. Small issue, but an inconvenience when you get into your phone 20 or more times a day. Second, it requires the slider unlock even when you have a password pin to the phone. Just not well thought out in this area of password security screens.
  5. randy10786

    randy10786 Newbie

    Im gettin a MoPho come Monday!! Switching from the Evo 3D. I just had to exchange the 3D for the 3rd time within a month for various reasons. The only different phone he could get me was the MoPho. Needless to say Im excited for Monday now!
  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Welcome to the MoPho family! If you're not rooted (w/ custom rom) and have been using Sense UI, I highly suggest investing in widget locker and possibly one of the 3rd party UI's because the Motorola UI is somewhat boring compared to Sense.
  7. randy10786

    randy10786 Newbie

    I root every Android phone I own ;)
  8. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Haha....nice. I really wish I could do it without even thinking, but you'll have no problem with the transition. I'm typing from my lapdock right now, btw...and streaming a NFL game.
  9. TampaAndroid

    TampaAndroid Newbie

    I chose the MoPho over the Epic because of the radio too. I've already rooted the phone. So far, so good!
  10. randy10786

    randy10786 Newbie

    Had it since yesterday. Overall, I like it, one problem though. When receiving calls it wont show up on the phone for like 10 seconds, just rings and vibrates then finally comes on for me to accept it.

    Another minor problem I have is when I push the Power button it lags, takes about a second or two for the lockscreen to pop up.

    Any suggestions for either?

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