Epic free sunday 22nd at best buy/ comes with Ga Ga' s new album


cd free with all the post paid phone purchases. samsung epic free with 2 year contract or upgrade. also includes digital copy


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buyback program gets you a $130 gift card for it between 18-24months of the purchase date. Not sure how much it'd go for in 18 months, but throwing it out there. Heck, you can get a $325 gift card if you turn it in after before 6 months.


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It is in Sunday's Ad. prices Good May 22 to May 28.
I had added this phone to my account on Satuday. So went back on sunday and they did a price match for the new offer. So I am happy.


I have a feeling that no matter what type of deal there is, I always miss the good ones......LOL


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Wow... this is really tempting but I'm on contract with AT&T :'( Should I terminate? I have the Motorola Atrix. I use to have the EPIC but switched because 4G was terrible in my area. :(