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My Mom has a Nexus 7 and I'm trying to figure out how to read ePub books with DRM on it using Aldiko.

The Nexus doesn't show up on the computer as a drive, so it doesn't appear as an option to drag to when I load Adobe Digital Editions on the PC.

We have Aldiko loaded on the Nexus and it's authorized with an adobe account.

How do we read ePub books w/DRM that we got from the library on it?


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First things first, getting the pc to see the N7. I have no issue with this, it shows up as a media device on both my win7 laptops (HP and Toshiba), my old xp netbook, and my work Vista and Win7 boxes. I found this-

Connecting Google Nexus 7 to Windows XP Laptop : Solved | Alok Agrawal's Blog

Maybe it will help? As for DRM? I avoid it whenever possible. When I have bought content with DRM in the past, I make the effort to remove it ASAP. I'm not looking to steal, sell or trade, it's just that DRM will often come back to bite one on the butt if left in place.

Also, since I tend to read from multiple devices, I use dropbox to distribute books. I use Calibre on the pc to organize my master library, transfer the books I want to read to my dropbox folder. I use a dropbox sync app on the devices to have the books transferred. Once imported to Aldiko, I use Aldiko sync to keep my library and book progress synced up between devices. It works well and allows me to update libraries without a cable or even being near the device I eventually intend to read on.


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Figured it out. We had first put the book into adobe digital editions on the pc then copied over the .epub file.

What's correct is copying over the file (forget the extension) that we downloaded from the library and then copy that to any folder directly on the nexus 7, then use Aldiko to import that file.

Working fine now.