Equal spacing for screens!!


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This is a slight rant, but something that I feel needs to be addressed.

Virtual keyboards are becoming more and more the norms these days. I don't think that anyone would argue that the iPhone set the bar for these as well. Their keyboard works well and is quite smooth. However, I feel like there is one aspect that is very often overlooked on other phones that are trying to replicate this.

The spacing of the screen on the iphone is pretty much right in the middle, top to bottom on the phone. Now, let me say that from the front, I think this makes the iPhone look sort of goofy. However, it makes typing on the landscape keyboard feel quite nice, as well as playing games, etc...

For some reason, every android phone to this point, has missed on this. I love htc's virtual keyboard in Sense, however it feels kind of strange to have to offset your thumbs for the keyboard. Realistically the closest phone to have this right, is the moto droid. However, the droid then has the physical keyboard that again, is offset. Forgive me, but I'm a virtual keyboard guy, and telling me to just not use the physical keyboard is not going to make me happy. I don't want it there, period. Just my opinion, I'm not saying someone else should feel the same way.

I just wish they'd come out with some more phones that had this type of setup. Even the passion pictures show the screen being offset to the top of the phone. The scholes tablet looks like it might accomplish this, so here's hoping I guess.

Let me be clear that I like the eris, as well as some other android phones, even without being "centered." I just want to voice my opinion on something that could make them better "in my eyes."