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Eris 2.1 leak Bug's and Fixes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Caddyman, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. yes :)


  2. theboo7

    theboo7 Well-Known Member

  3. Bryan_Kosh

    Bryan_Kosh Lurker

    Does anyone know how to make it so the return key on the keyboard will send out a message instead of just dropped the cursor down to the next line? I had it on 1.5 but can't find it for the life of me on 2.1 now..
  4. irishpride

    irishpride Android Enthusiast

    I can't connect to HTC Sync or have access to my SD when I connect to my computer. I have restarted my phone several times, but nothing has helped. Has anyone else had this issue or know of anyway I can fix it? Thanks
  5. buff12db

    buff12db Well-Known Member

    Me too :thinking:
  6. Mays24

    Mays24 Well-Known Member

    Do a *228 update on your phone. I read this should fix your handcent problem.
  7. wiattc

    wiattc Member

  8. inline6power

    inline6power Well-Known Member

    how and the hell do i delete bookmarks ? i know how to add them but i cant seem to find out how to delete them after the 2.1 update.
  9. ttran97

    ttran97 Android Enthusiast

    Menu -> Navigate -> Long press the bookmark you want to delete -> choose "Delete bookmark"
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  10. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Android Enthusiast

    Actually this has nothing to do with ATK, or any task killer.

    I can't pinch to zoom from any of the home screens, any pictures, and apparently dolphin browers.... after a reboot. Wierd??

    I rebooted again and pinch and dual touch work again... definitely a bug.
  11. Tried it. Failed and told me to call customer service.

    Is your username in relation to BMWs? :)
  12. entelechy3

    entelechy3 Member

    Can you guys report what they're showing for Up time/Awake time ratio with 2.1?

    Right now, I'm at 17:42:42 Up, and 17:29:35 Awake.

    If I'm reading this right, this means my phone has been awake for all but about 13 minutes since I rebooted into 2.1 (haven't shut my phone off since I updated sometime around the middle of last night). With 1.5, I was averaging around 10-15% awake time, 20ish tops.

    Now, holy hell I have spent a ton of time on my phone today, probably even more than I did the first day I had the Eris--but I KNOW I've put it down for more than ten minutes since I installed :)

    However, I have been using it a ton, so I can't really compare the actual battery life to what I was getting previously with any sort of objectivity.

    I wanted to see what you guys were getting for up/awake ratios, see if it's similar (maybe measured differently than it used to be?) or if I just have to hunt down the rogue process/app that's draining my battery.

    (Also, thanks for the *228 reminder. I've been showing fewer bars since the update as well.)
  13. deman89

    deman89 Well-Known Member

    My awake time seems fine, if it was charging it counts a being "awake"
  14. cpupeli1

    cpupeli1 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, here is the first issue I have found. 2.1 is running fine but not all of my contacts synced. I have a solid 80% of my contacts but random #'s are missing. Numbers I have added recently and months ago are missing. I go to my google account to check the sync status and when I go to sync my contacts again, a little message comes up at the bottom stating

    "sync is currently experiencing problems, it will be back shortly."

    I am logged online and checking my contacts on my gmail page and all the #'s are there, any ideas what to do. Is there a way I can export the list from my gmail and manually put it on my phone, there is an export option on gmail.
  15. inline6power

    inline6power Well-Known Member

    nope. i am a huge diesel fan. got a couple of cummins drag trucks with a little over 1000hp at the wheels. although, i have worked on a few high hp bmws.
  16. Skeletronix

    Skeletronix Well-Known Member

    The weather on my htc clock/weather app has stopped working. Its showing the city, but no weather. I've rebooted, but no change. Any ideas?

    *edit - The weather app showed no info, so I refreshed it, problem solved. Wonder why that happened? Never had that problem before. Oh well. Just got some fog rolling across my homescreen! Lovin 2.1!
  17. nathanirwin311

    nathanirwin311 Well-Known Member

    Swype is working after the update, but I have had some problems with it force closing. Had to go into input and select it again after it would default back to stock keyboard.
  18. tbaker

    tbaker Well-Known Member

    So, was there a fix found for Google sign in failure after restart/start up of the phone?
  19. Skeletronix

    Skeletronix Well-Known Member

    I just rebooted and had no issues with having to sign in. Guess if it was a problem, it is no longer.
  20. klooney

    klooney Lurker

    clock/weather widget is screwy, homescreen stuck on Elsmere won't change no matter what city I set it on. . . open up the weather program scroll to current city and hit Home. . . clock/weather stays on Elsmere. Can't delete Elsmere either from the weather/clock app. Any ideas?
  21. Skeletronix

    Skeletronix Well-Known Member

    Press the weather section of the widget, in the bottom left corner is a refresh button, press it. Problem solved for me.
  22. klooney

    klooney Lurker

    Doesn't work for me I'm gonna try a hard reset and see if that fixes the problem. Was fine last night and this morning. . . phone sat in car for 8 hours and starting acting up
  23. plugnpl4y

    plugnpl4y Newbie

    I also had this problem; I wasn't sure if it was just me. Any luck yet?
  24. plugnpl4y

    plugnpl4y Newbie

    I had a strange bug that I haven't seen mentioned yet.

    After the update the HTC Setup ran and my keyboard wouldn't let me type anything except 'q'. Every on screen key actually pushed 'q'.

    I did a reboot and everything was fine.
  25. A User Name

    A User Name Well-Known Member

    2.1 was working fine alllll day long until now.
    Now my phone has no sound when I get a call. I can't even change the ringer settings; there's no sound on the ringer preview and it is force closing every time I access the settings.

    The touch screen is starting not to work either. I can't restart the phone without pulling the battery since the power button doesn't respond since it's stuck at the lock screen.


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