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Eris 2.1 update issue

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Arleer157, May 22, 2010.

  1. Arleer157

    Arleer157 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong place)

    Since 2.1, which I like very much, my eris has been running just fine, except for one issue.

    For some reason, I cannot connect to my computer anymore through the USB cable. Before 2.1, when plugged in, a notification would appear to mount the SD card, and I would connect.

    Now, this notification does not appear, and when I attempt to access Drive E: from my computer, I am told to insert a disk, meaning that 0 data is being transferred. I have changed in the settings that the SD card should be mounted as a disk drive, but it's not picking it up for some reason.

    Anyone got a solution?...

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  2. yewslus

    yewslus Newbie

    Two things I would like for you to check:

    When you plug the Eris into your computer via the USB, does it charge?


    Do you have another computer available that you could plug into? This will isolate the issue to either your phone, or the computer you're trying to use it with. My opinion is that Windows is seeing it as a device that it previously tried to install drivers for, but did not. It may not want to mount it as a drive.

    I will wait for your reply :)
  3. I don't know if anyone has been having any of the same issues as me but I have a ton since I updated my eris. First of all: My interactive weather no longer works. I can't view the weather for the week, I can't refresh it or anything!

    Secondly, upon updating my eris, it erased parts of my contact list. I tried to restore those contacts, but it won't let me. It also won't let me sync separate Facebook accounts when I try to make separate contacts because the two contacts I'm trying to sync have the same name (with a slight variation).

    Thirdly: My apps keep turning back on even though I use the (free) advanced app killer that stays in my top bar, running in the background all the time. I don't mind the app killer and the clock running in the background, but the messaging and visual VM drain my battery, which leads me to my fourth point.

    Fourth, my battery seems to drain faster and faster now that I've updated it even when my apps are killed and I'm not using it and it's asleep. Has anyone else experienced any of these problems? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?

  4. pbenson

    pbenson Lurker

    I am noticing same problem relative to apps re-loading, apparently by themselves. Kill apps with free Advanced Task Killer, but apps seem to re-load right afterwards. Phone is very warm/hot and the battery is draining like crazy. (I even have the Seidio 1750 battery rather than the 1500 that came with the phone. Used to easily go more than 18 hours and still had almost half battery left. Now, after about 20 minutes, the battery is down over 25-30%.) Is this a common problem after the 2.1 update from Sprint???
  5. flagmkr

    flagmkr Lurker

    I have the same problems with Interactive Weather . Weather won't even load...screen just goes black. I also have advance task killer but the apps continue to turn on. Haven't noticed the battery drain yet. I'm on Verizon
  6. HiFlight

    HiFlight Lurker

    In 2.1 there is a menu setting that is labelled "Connect to PC"

    The default setting is "charge only". Change that to make the default setting "Disk Drive", click Done, then reboot the phone. Changing the setting will have no effect until you reboot.

    There is no need to mount any longer. Unmounting only needs to be done if you are going to remove your memory card.

    Hope this helps!

  7. rloquidis

    rloquidis Lurker

    I've had the same issues with the battery life, its been horrible!! I put the battery widget on my home screen and you can practically sit there and watch the percentages drop lower and lower.

    I'm also receiving double email notifications; 1 from the gmail widget (which I never installed) and 1 from the automatic gmail sync. Anyone know how to turn off the gmail widget notifications?

    I've also noticed a few weird things with the facebook sync. With the old 1.5 software I manually linked my contacts to my facebook; but with the new 2.1 it seemed to worked backwards. Facebook linked all the friends into my contacts and I hate it! And on top of that, for a few contacts that I DO want linked to facebook are linked to the wrong facebook friend.

    Any advice?
  8. HiFlight

    HiFlight Lurker

    The only problem that I have experienced with my 2.1 Eris update (Verizon) is that I can no longer set any speed dials. Everything looks the same, but when I press "Save" the phone doesn't remember the settings. The only Speed Dial entry is the default voice-mail on #1.

    Verizon customer service was unaware of this issue and sent it up the food-chain to HTC.

  9. Gecko5

    Gecko5 Newbie

    Take a look at this thread, it might help. http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/80672-speed-dialer-issues.html
  10. HiFlight

    HiFlight Lurker

  11. rhino3hh

    rhino3hh Lurker

    i posted thread in general forum bup since updating my once awesome phone is no better than a blackberry its horrible and i regert updating

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