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Eris All things ROOT THREAD: Apps and ROMS Updated 05/06/2010

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by acidbath5546, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Hello all, I have been gone for awhile with life stuff, sorry this wasn't updated.
    I wont be updating this as I don't have an Eris anymore, but if you want the best info head over to XDA Eris Android Development section.

    Or if your looking for Android News or other tech news head over to:

    Hope to see you all in the Incredible or Droid X section. :)



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    1) What is root, and why would I want it?

    • Root is basically the linux equivalent of the Administrator account in Windows. By default, your phone does not give you access to the root account. This limits you on what you can do to your phone to basically what Verizon allows you to do. By rooting your phone, you are given full access to the file system, to make whatever changes you want, and do whatever you want with the hardware. The primary thing people with root will do is installing custom ROM's. Typically a custom ROM will have more features and less bloat, and run faster than an official Verizon release. This varies from ROM to ROM though. You can customize the entire GUI, you can do things such as wireless tethering, run apps that weren't meant for our phone (such as Nexus One stuff), and plenty of other things.
    2) How do I root my phone?

    • There is a complete guide written that you can find here: Root Guide

      This guide covers all the steps needed to install a custom ROM. There are manual instructions, as well as an automated batch script that has been tested and working, and will automate much of the process for you.
    3) What are the chances of bricking my phone?
    • Chances of bricking your phone are basically non-existent. As of right now, we have had ZERO reports of bricked phones. Even if something screws up, your phone should still be recoverable.
    4) I upgraded to the latest rooted ROM. Now I can no longer connect to my phone using "adb" anymore.

    • This is partially due to HTC changing the hardware id of the device in the newer 2.1 release. Two things to try:

      There is a fixed .inf driver file that NefariousAryq made. Replace the .inf file in your USB Drivers folder in your Android SDK with this file, then try reinstalling the driver. This seems to work in certain versions of Windows. Download file

      If this doesn't work, try downloading HTC Sync software and installing it, and it should install a driver. You can download this software HERE
    5) Where can I find the latest ROM releases?

    • Check the ROM's Section Post # 4
    6) How do I install live wallpapers, the Nexus Launcher, Gallery, wireless tethering, etc?

    • I put together the All-In-One Root Script to do most of this for you. You can find this file HERE. It's a larger file because it also includes the ROM's, but if you're already rooted, just download the file and run "install_extras.bat".
    7) I'm running the 2.1 leak non-root. What do I do? Should I upgrade to the newer 2.1 leak non-root?

    • Unfortunately if you upgraded to the 2.1 leak, you cannot root your phone at this time. You should go ahead and update your phone to the latest 2.1 non-root. Trust me, when a way is found to root your phone, you will know! Until then, be patient.
    8) Where can I get help the easiest?

    • The quickest, easiest way to get help is on IRC. Download mIRC. Install it and connect to the server "irc.thefuzz4.net" and join the channel "#ErisRootHelp" or "#DroidEris".
    • Feel free to Post in this thread all question.
    • Shoot Acidbath5546 a PM, or any other Dev you see online ;)
    9) I'm rooted now. Should I install Verizon leaked ROM's or OTA updates?

    • NO!!! Installing any official Verizon rom (including ones that are leaked) can and will unroot your phone! Verizon ROM's will typically be named PB00IMG.zip. Yes, the original rooted ROM is also named PB00IMG.zip as well though. This can get confusing. Once your phone is rooted, you will flash ALL future ROM's through the Recovery partition that you will install. Official Verizon ROM's won't install through the recovery partition. Installing a Verizon ROM will unroot your phone, and remove your recovery partition. So do not download ROM's from unknown sources, and if you can, always check the md5 hashes before installing something.

      Also, whenever you install a new custom ROM, you should be sure that OTA updates are disabled. Many ROM's will do this by default, but to make sure, do this:

      Launch a command prompt and go to your tools directory, and type these commands:
      adb shell
      cd /etc/security
      If you see a file called "otacerts.zip" then do the following:
      mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
      mv otacerts.zip otacerts.zip.old
    10) I'm having super user issues. anything requiring Su request force closes, anyway to fix that or should I just change roms

    Every time you flash a ROM for the first time, or restore a nandroid backup for the first time (with very few exceptions, like ivan's 0.7) you need to, AT LEAST ONCE, use adb.

    adb shell
    (look at your phone and hit allow).

    Now you won't get the black/slow/eventual force close screen on every SU request. SU likes to be requested from adb before it works right, it seems, on most of these ROMs.

    One more thing to add:

    If you're ever feeling testy or annoyed that something isn't working right, or that root hasn't been found for your phone yet, just remember one thing: This stuff is constantly being worked on, and it's being done by people who have full-time jobs, bills to pay, and families of their own to spend time with... and all the work that's being put into this is being done for free. So don't be mean. :) Be patient, and be polite! :)

    Thank you everyone for your positive comments and feedback! They're appreciated!

    Be sure to thank him!
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    App that repairs custom rom's build fingerprint, and market cache. Its in the market (its free) called Eris Market Fix.
    By Jcase!
    Find it on Android market!

    [Application] Eris Master Application [R00T]
    See Here:

    Eris FULLY on Cricket (Root Req'd)
    By:-Paul Kopalek
    You need root for this full functionality to work without the broadband trick.

    There are other threads, in general about this, but this is huge. By using methods by the Droid and other phones, this kid did this with an Eris. I take no credit for this, but I have been hunting for this for a long time, messing with iptables, messing with proxy's and APN's, and have been unsuccessful. This is a modified/fixed (by me) version of what token419 posted on Howard Forums, no longer a direct quote.

    This is without the broadband trick (you don't need it), and is good for FULL functionality, just get a Cricket plan that involves 'web'!

    Thanks, to token419 from Howard Forums (and those who helped him)

    NOTE: All of the things in the following threads must still be done to get your Eris on Cricket FIRST, and to get MMS working (before or after, doesn't matter)
    On Cricket to start with: Eris on Cricket Wireless (scroll up and down a few posts for all the info)
    MMS: Eris cricket MMS/WEP
    At your own risk:

    Rooted Rom
    Autostart (Root) from android market (free)
    u2nl.zip from white rabbits site whiterabbit.org (hit Android stuff at the bottom, then get the pre-compiled Droid binary - Eris is included in that file)

    Following Brandon's Guide and replace the internet portion with the steps listed below

    Step 2. Setting up
    What you need: u2nl.zip from white rabbits site whiterabbit.org
    install Autostart (Root) from android market

    Unzip the u2nl.zip to your androidsdk/tools folder so that u2nl and autostart.sh are in your androidsdk/tools folder. (use the autostart.sh that's in the Eris folder, not the one in the Droid folder!)

    adb shell
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cd /data/
    mkdir opt
    chmod 0777 /data/opt/
    chmod 0777 /system/bin/
    adb remount
    adb push autostart.sh /data/opt/autostart.sh
    adb push u2nl /system/bin/u2nl
    adb shell
    chmod 0777 /data/opt/autostart.sh
    chmod 0777 /system/bin/u2nl
    click always allow on the prompt to allow the Autostart app to run at system startup

    you should now have working market/apps/web, WITHOUT ANY PROXY, and WITHOUT THE BROADBAND trick.

    Ad Blocker by jcase and zifnab ~Apr 20th 2010

    No official name yet, post recommendations please!

    Just an update, this project is coming to life. We are working on the user interface. zifnab is rolling my research into a java apk, for easy use.

    Not only does this app remove in app ads, and most website ads, but it cuts you data usage and frees up bandwidth (ie faster). This is not a clone of other ad blocking apps, we are using a new way of blocking ads on multiple fronts that does not slow down your DNS client (resolve time) like other ad blocking software.

    Unlike other methods, our's does not waste cpu time, RAM, storage memory nor does it delay dns resolve times.

    I will be posting a beta here on this forum in the coming week(s).

    Current status:
    All in app ads blocked, and screen space recovered (except google maps, but that will come).

    In development:
    User interface, with on/off widget.
    Website ad blocking (current 75% of mobile site ads are block, trying to expand it now).

    Follow XDA THREAD:
    Ad Blocker by jcase and zifnab ~Apr 20th 2010 - xda-developers

    Aloysius2.0 v4.1
    BY: twynn373

    I just did this theme last night.
    just flash over initial rom
    no wipe necessary
    not sure if it works on the previous versions.

    1.Move .zip onto sd card
    2.boot into recovery mode
    3.flash zip file

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download Gallery.apk.zip

    [New Release] HTC Sense Transparent BG LockScreen
    Note: This is not the same as TheProfessional's release. This removes the BACKGROUND, not the Arc. Though instructions to do so are listed below.

    Originally created by JsChiSurf over at the XDA Hero forums via my encouragement :) This version is made for the Eris, it is not the same as the Hero version (which doesn't work properly for us).

    This is a modification of the STOCK HTC Sense lockscreen that removes the background so you can see your homescreen behind it. Anyone who knows how to use adb can push this apk into 'system/app' and you'll get the result as shown in the attached picture. (Always nand backup first)

    **Before** pushing the apk into that folder, you'll need to FIRST perform the following steps to remove the stock lock wallpapers from loading, as well as any cached custom wallpaper you have applied. You can perform these via adb as listed, or if you have Root Explorer (on the marketplace), you can navigate to the folders listed and delete the items that way.

    Code (Text):
    2. adb remount
    3. adb shell
    4. cd /data/misc/lockscreen rm *
    6. cd /system/customize/resource
    7. rm htc_wallpaper*
    9. exit
    Note: You may or may not have anything to delete in /system/customize/resource, so if you get an error message while using adb, don't worry.

    HtcLockScreen.apk MD5: 27615B7667896014B75196BA7F2E9B6A

    Now some optional additional steps for **experienced users only** (I suck at tech support so if you ask, I may not answer, but others may):
    If you put the PNGs included in the zip below into 'com.htc.resources.apk\res\drawable-mdpi', it will remove the HTC "Arc" on the lockscreen. Now, to create your own Arc replacement, all you'll need to do is go into 'HtcLockScreen.apk\res\drawable-normal-mdpi' and change the lockscreen_topedge.png to your liking :) A much easier change than fiddling with your resources apk everytime and its only 1 image to change, instead of trying to line up three. Of course, if you remove the Arc and do not change your lockscreen_topedge.png, you will have a completely invisible lockscreen, so don't freak yourself out, just make something for that PNG.

    Enjoy! And again, credit to John! (JsChiSurf)


    PNGs for resources APK.zip:
    Android Forums

    Android Forums

    New dialer:


    Add pdf viewer to GrdLock's or any other ROM missing it:


    Semi-Transparent Lock Screen

    Lock Screen Patch Non-Custom Themes

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Lock Screen Patch for sense-able.0.7

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    [​IMG] Change boot logo (androids on skateboards)
    So I came across this on XDA and thought I would post here. Added some stuff so that it was easier than what was said on XDA. As always, do a NAND backup before doing this. I am not responsible if this bricks your phone. I just did it and it worked fine

    Things needed:
    1. Find an or create an image (.png, .bmp, .jpg, or .gif -- 320x480 is preferrable)
    2. Open RGB565 Converter
    3. Ensure that "To RGB565 (binary)" tab is selected
    4. Click "Open Image", select your image
    5. Click "Convert to RGB565" (RGB565 Converter will make your image 320x480 if it is not already)
    7. Power off the phone
    8. Reboot phone into Fastboot-usb (Do this by holding down Send+End keys)
    9. Open up a command window and go to your /tools/ directory of your AndroidSDK
    10. Type in fastboot flash splash1 <your_image_name>.rgb565
    11. You will see a msg saying this was done
    12. Type in fastboot oem powerdown (this will power off your phone)
    13. Turn it back on and enjoy your new logo
    I didnt create this. Thanks to sickbox over at XDA for figuring this out and sharing the knowledge with all of us.

    OG link: [HOW-TO] [ROOT ONLY] Change boot logo (skateboards, not boot animation) - xda-developers

    I used the jpg that he put since I couldnt find any that looked as nice as his did after converting

    Different statusbar icons to your screen
    If you're running my rom and would like to add some different statusbar icons to your screen, I threw together an update for you.

    I made these icons for me, so you may or may not like them. GPS, signal strength, 3g, battery, and a few other icons were changed.

    There's no update to remove the icons, so do a nandroid backup before you install them incase you don't like them, then you can easily restore your default icons if you don't like the update.

    Here's a screenshot.


    Installation: Copy icons-update.zip to your sdcard. Reboot your phone into recovery mode. Select Flash Zip from Sdcard. Choose icons-update.zip.

    Remember, do a nand backup first!!! I warned you. :)

    Download: icons-update.zip

    NOTE: I wouldn't recommend applying this update to any ROM other than mine, as other ROM's might have modified framework files themselves, and this would overwrite their stuff.

    Simple Lockscreen Patch ~!FOR ROOT!~

    credits to the person who made it....not me:eek:

    tested with the new ota 2.1, but should work with any 2.1 senseui builds


    If you dont like it I have also included a revert.zip just follow the same instructions to revert



    Custom Boot Animations

    Download Nexus.Boot.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    Mount your sdcard to your computer. Make a folder called "bootscreen" and extract the zip files from that link on XDA into that folder. Unmount your sdcard.

    Open a command prompt, go to your tools directory, type this in order:

    adb shell
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    rm /system/media/bootanimation.zip
    mkdir /system/media/bootscreen
    cp /sdcard/bootscreen/* /system/media/bootscreen/

    Enjoy your new bootscreen. :)

    (afterwards you can delete the bootscreen folder off your sdcard)
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    So many ROMs and Hacks out now....For most Current Info Visit XDA here:
    Droid Eris Android Development - xda-developers

    [KITCHEN] Basic ROM kitchen for new Eris cooks [PC/Mac]
    Here is the XDA link to the kitchen:
    [KITCHEN][APRIL 6 '10] HTC Android Basic Kitchen, v0.39 [Linux / Mac / Cygwin] - xda-developers

    All Current Radios for ERIS
    All Current Radios - xda-developers

    Eris_Official 0.8T2
    All changes from 0.7 but based on bugless 0.5.5 build (that was never released) without the De-odexing so no more FC's and other bugs.
    Added systemro and systemrw - thanks jamezelle
    Added wireless and wired tether apps

    0.7 Since 0.5.4:
    Optimized all the pgn's in all the apk's
    De-odex'd all apk's and frameworks
    Zipaligned all apk's
    Changed permissions for adb to root
    Changed symlink to bin/ifconfig busybox

    The png's and zipaligning will minimize the RAM usage of all preinstalled apps.

    0.7 - http://www.multiupload.com/GN6IUOVU5G

    Thank you Wes Garner for the tips on deodexing.

    Based on the newest 2.1 leak - A lot of fixes by HTC
    USB Debugging on by default in ramdisk
    fixed su/superuser issues
    Updated busybox and moved busybox symlinks to /system/xbin/bb
    Removed su from xbin since it's already in bin
    Added TERMINFO and libcurses to fix nano
    Added flash_image for future ease when upgrading recovery images
    Added sqlite3
    Disable OTA (rm SystemUpdater.apk)
    Changes to init.rc in ramdisk for busybox and TERMINFO
    Build number now shows version number but not showing in Settings
    Kill amazonmp3 app (it sucks up RAM like nobody's business)

    Don't have time to really give you a thorough intro at the moment, sorry.
    Make sure to WIPE before you flash from another ROM

    [ROM]KaosLegendary V.12

    This is an early release of a rom based on a dump from the HTC Legend.
    It *IS* Sense based, and basically seems to work, but if your phone explodes, catches fire, or causes impotence don't blame me. It was ported from Darchstar's Legend rom for the CDMA Hero, which can be found at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=645491
    Its not well tested, so use at your own risk.

    Rom now odex'd(No more 5 minute first boot!)
    Shutdown/reboot fixed.
    Missing maps in Google Nav fixed.
    Memory speed tweaks.
    Removed Autokiller as it conflicts with speed tweaks
    Removed Swype till I can get the FC issues fixed.
    Google login bug should be fixed now.
    Multitouch Google Maps.
    Time without signal bug should be fixed.
    Updated Framework to newer Legend release.
    This rom is FAST!

    Thanks to Binny1070 for fixes/tweaks

    Things that work:
    Legend Widgets
    USB Tether
    Most of the Live wallpapers
    AOSP Voice Keyboard


    Things that don't work yet:
    A few of the live wallpapers FC.
    Powering down(Hangs)

    RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    [ROM] TheCookieRom V0.34
    TheCookieRom V0.34
    This is TheCookieRom. It's based off the EvilEris1.1 rom, so even the prerelease will be fairly stable. It's all cookie themed, with even more cookie stuff to come! This is a feature loaded rom!

    • Added a lot of ringtones to the stock system.
    • Brown color scheme.
    • EvilErisV1.1 based.
    • Has the HTC Base Clock mod.
    • Nexus Lockscreen
    • Launcher2 and LWP patch already installed.
    • Nexus startup animation with Mac bong.
    • A little cookie themed secret for you when you get a call.
    Installation instructions:
    1. Do a Nandroid backup. (recommended)
    2. Do a full data/cache wipe.
    3. Put TheCookieRomV0.34.zip on your SD card.
    4. Flash the zip.
    5. Restart your Eris and boot into TheCookieRom!
    http://android.grdlock.net//index.p...ookieRomV0.34.zip&directory=CPCookieMans Roms

    VanillaDroid v1.0

    Based on my eris21official-root ROM.

    What's new?
    - Sense removed (almost, had to keep a few things such as HtcContacts for FB syncing to work)
    - Android lockscreen
    - Vanilla keyboard
    - DialerOne (removed HTC dialer)
    - Nexus Music app replaced HTC music
    - Added PDFViewer (since I removed it from my first rom)
    - Wireless tethering installed stock
    - Live Wallpapers
    - Custom bootscreen
    - Better Alarm (Nexus Alarm app port, since HTC alarm won't work without the HTC lockscreen)
    - JIT dalvik executables (boosts performance, average 3.5Mflops vs 2.5Mflops without)
    - OTA updates disabled
    - Other misc minor things

    GrdLock's ROMs Download Page (VanillaDroidv1.zip)
    Support XDA-Thread:
    [ROM] VanillaDroid v1.0 - xda-developers

    EVIL ERIS v1.1 ! & Legend-Based Rom[BETA]

    Evil Eris v1.1 (ERIS BASED)
    Runs Faster/Smoother now!
    Runs on newer kernel (2.1 "OTA" Leak from 3/24/2010)
    Audio Volumes fixed!
    Dialer Lag fixed!
    Removed Bloatware.
    Removed GSM Stuff(NOT NEEDED)
    Navigation "should" be working
    Removed Extra Languages ( English + Spanish are only options now)
    No Random Crashing/Rebooting
    Google Maps Fix
    Market Fix
    *Expect small (non-wipe) updates for speed and tweaks soon*

    Known Bugs:
    Google Login Error

    (Legend Based)
    Known Bugs:
    Power Off Cycle(Battery Pull Needed to Shut off)
    No US English ( UK English ) :/

    Download and Instructions:
    [ROM]-[3/29/2010] Evil Eris v1.1 ( HTC Sense UI - Android 2.1 ) - xda-developers

    Sense-able has an update to v2. Update doesnt require wipe. If user just wants to go to v2, they dont need v07

    This build was based off of ivans 0.5.3 based off of the 03/24/10 leaked ota 2.1
    Credits: ivanmmj(rom improvements) GODZSON(Graphics) ;)


    TO INSTALL1. Do nandroid backup2. Wipe fac-reset/data3. Install zip

    Droid Does ROM

    Settings Changed:
    Unknown Sources Enabled
    USB Debuging Enabled

    AdFree Hack (current hosts file is up to date)
    Astro File Manager 2.2.4
    Wireless Tether 1.70 pre2
    Tseng's Task Manager 1.11.2
    Websharing 1.0
    "DROID" Ringtone for notifications

    Small UI / Speed tweeks. Nothing to Noticeable
    Droid Does bootscreen
    Removed QuickApps.apk

    Download & Link
    Droid Does(Rom)


    This rom is only a beta. Use at your own risk. It's not gonna brick your phone or anything, but it may not be completely stable.

    It includes:

    Lives Wallpapers
    Nexus Launcher 2
    Nexus Flan photo gallery
    Nexus bootscreen
    Nexus/Eclair lockscreen
    Wifi Tethering


    HTC Music/Stock/Weather/Twitter Widgets
    HTC Lockscreen
    PDF Viewer

    Note: To install this you must have the Amon recovery image installed. Place the .zip file in your sdcard root, reboot into recovery, flash dalvik and data, then flash the rom from the sdcard.

    Note2: Sense is enabled by default. To use all the features, disable Sense and use Home. Warning: Most live wallpapers and the Flan gallery DO NOT WORK with the Nexus Launcher, so if you choose to use the Nexus Launcher over Home, don't use Live Wallpapers or Flan. Also, the Galaxy wallpaper doesn't work at all. Some of the live wallpapers will disappear after the phone locks as well.

    Like I said, this is just a BETA TEST rom to give ya'll a taste of stuff to come. I won't be offering support for it, so don't use it unless you somewhat know what you're doing, and just want to play around with stuff.

    Download: (md5: 01146124649396a61360cb3d371d1355) eris_LP-0_1.zip

    Post back with any bugs you encounter other than what I mentioned.


    Grdlock ROM's & Addons:

    thefuzz4 Eris Roms: Several ROM's Updated 04/06/10

    Xda Eris Android Development Main Section:

    Irc Chat Channel
    irc.thefuzz4.net, #ErisRootHelp

    This site was great for me starting:
    KernelHacking - Linux Kernel Newbies

    I would say start here:
    CompleteNewbiesClickHere - Linux Kernel Newbies
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  5. acidbath5546

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  6. chaos0422

    chaos0422 Member

    I'm having super user issues. anything requiring Su request force closes, anyway to fix that or should I just change roms
  7. GrdLock

    GrdLock Android Enthusiast

    Try reflashing your rom. Be sure to to a data/factory wipe, as well as a dalvik-cache wipe.
  8. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    can i go from the newer leaked 2.1 to a root my phone? yes or no? thx
  9. GrdLock

    GrdLock Android Enthusiast

  10. sparhawk85

    sparhawk85 Lurker

    Does the rooted 2.1 automatically turn off OTA updates? I was wondering because I have rooted my eris, but I wanted to check out the OTA update (whenever they get around to it). I guess the question is, will i have to go back to stock to check out the official update?
  11. Murphy

    Murphy Member

    If you are talking about GrdLock's 2.1 OTA Rooted ROM then yes it does.
  12. sparhawk85

    sparhawk85 Lurker

    so i'll have to go back to stock if i want to check out the update? or is there a way around it?
  13. Murphy

    Murphy Member

    I believe (and I will be corrected if I am wrong) that if you were to install the official OTA update it would un-Root your phone. That is why the ROM developers turn it off.
  14. chaos0422

    chaos0422 Member

    I'm trying to download the sense-able Rom but it says The file to big is there a way around downloading it to the SD card
  15. GrdLock

    GrdLock Android Enthusiast

    Maybe your sdcard is full and you need to delete some stuff off it.
  16. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    once the 2.1 ota update comes out you think you guys will make a way to go from 2.1 to root then root back to 2.1? thx again
  17. acidbath5546

    acidbath5546 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I think you mean just a Rooted 2.1 Eris, with a 2.1 ROM?
    You can just root now and get same features....
  18. iAndroiid

    iAndroiid Android Enthusiast

    well i put the 2.1 leak on my phone. then the newer 2.1 leak w/o the google sign in error etc. so that's where i am at now. i realize i'd rather just root the phone but you said that's not an option correct?

    what are my options is what i am asking basically.

  19. acidbath5546

    acidbath5546 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Right now you are prety much stuck at 2.1...Until Eris 2.1 is then rooted...
    Sorry :(
    There is no Root for Original Leak base..
  20. twynn373

    twynn373 Member

    im having the same issues. ive tried on a couple roms, and made sure to do a data/factory wipe, as well as a dalvik-cache wipe... but no luck... any other suggestions?
  21. gabec.droid

    gabec.droid Lurker

    Similar SU request issue here...

    With the Eris2.1official-root everything works as expected. However with Evil-Eris or Sense-Able ROMs, when an app requests SU I get the standard request page pop-up with all black and no options to select. I always wipe before install and is a persistent issue (with the exception of the latest "official").

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW: Thanks for providing such a detailed resource for Android.
  22. pkopalek

    pkopalek Android Expert

    Every time you flash a ROM for the first time, or restore a nandroid backup for the first time (with very few exceptions, like ivan's 0.7) you need to, AT LEAST ONCE, use adb.

    adb shell
    (look at your phone and hit allow).

    Now you won't get the black/slow/eventual force close screen on every SU request. SU likes to be requested from adb before it works right, it seems, on most of these ROMs.
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  23. gabec.droid

    gabec.droid Lurker

    Wow... see this is why I love this forum.
    I get by on the most part just by reading a lot and searching the forum (I don't want to be that newb that posts about the same stupid question), but this one had me stumped. Working perfect. Thanks!
  24. acidbath5546

    acidbath5546 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Very True, I should have added this to the FAQ section, using adb every flash my regular....
    Thanks pkopalek for helping and reminding :)
    Added to FAQ post.
  25. twynn373

    twynn373 Member

    it says no such directory or something of that nature?

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