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Eris freezing up in the cold

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iloveDroid, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. iloveDroid

    iloveDroid Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've been out side smoking and playing on my eris and I notice it really starts to lag in the cold. I live in Minnesota and winter here is pretty cold.

    I'm just wondering if any one else has experienced this?

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  2. rigamrts

    rigamrts Well-Known Member

    i would think at a windchill of 10 degrees most phones would have issues but stay warm man. my sony ericson used act up in the cold. when i was in korea in the army i always had radio problem in the butt ass cold that's why i had 3 in my pack.
  3. Jeep297

    Jeep297 Newbie

    Mine has quite a few issues in the cold with lag but then again I was jogging in single digits with it here in CO.
  4. rejester

    rejester Lurker

    All LCD screens suffer in the cold. It is not the phone that is lagging, it's just the LCD screen. You may notice a battery life drop with extreem cold as well. Mainly when the phone has sit in the cold for an extended amount of time unused, like in your car. The battery life will actually recover when you get them phone warm, but not completely.

  5. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    A WINDCHILL OF 10 DEGREES!!!!! The high temp today was 12!!!! The windchill was below zero all day long ... not to mention once winter gets here we will have days at a time where the high temp is below zero.

    As for the lag in the cold ... I noticed it a little today, but not to bad.
  6. rigamrts

    rigamrts Well-Known Member

    sorry bout my flawed weather logic. all i did was look up the temp in your area and that's what i got from the internet. but yeah anything below 25 degrees is still butt ass cold LOL
  7. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    I cant say anything for other phones, but I can speak for my G1.

    Last winter (Twin Cities) I spent quite a few full days on frozen lakes or outside all day in the cold. I even used it during the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt. Yesterday I used it for 4 hours Geocaching at Crosby Park. I even take it outside with me at home when I smoke (i dont smoke in the house). I carry my phone in a holster on my belt or backpack.

    With this expiriance I can tell you I have never had any problems with screen issues or battery drain do to the cold.

    There is a thread here some where, where I posted about leaving my phone outside for a 1/2 hour last winter and it worked just fine.
  8. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    No prob man ... it was quite chilly today ... I was out searching for a Christmas tree today, my kids were whining the whole time.
  9. s4ndp4p3rm4n

    s4ndp4p3rm4n Lurker

    I have the same problem. I work the walk in cooler at work on night shifts and I use the Pandora radio app as an mp3 playrr, but the phone freezes solid while I'm in the cooler and usually for an hour or so after I leave. I always blamed the freezing on Pandora, but now that I know someone else has the same problem it makes a lot more sense.
  10. rdalev

    rdalev Android Enthusiast

    Or in the refridgerator !:eek:
  11. Mountainguy

    Mountainguy Newbie

    I have nothing to really add but wanted to clear up a misconception that was mentioned at the beginning of the thread. Materials do not care about wind chill, only ambient air temp. A steel pipe outside in 10F weather is going to be 10F regardless if there's no wind, 5MPH wind, or 50MPH wind :) The only thing the wind would do is cool the surface temp back to ambient faster than with no air movement.
  12. tman065

    tman065 Newbie

    I live in northern MN. It's gonna be -18F air temp tonight. When I work outside, the air temp kills all my battery operated devices...pager, cell, flashlight, and portable radio.

    You just have to expect it.
  13. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Android Expert

  14. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Android Enthusiast

    My camera wouldn't work on my ski trip to Utah. Air temp was -10 f. I was really disappointed because it was so beautiful there.
  15. mdalt7

    mdalt7 Lurker

    I wouldn't be so quick to blame the slowness on the weather. I'm on my 4th Eris, and 3 of them have been slow or frozen up for no real reason at all.

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