Eris owner signing in


Dec 1, 2009
Central Jersey
Hey everybody, my name is Alex as my profile name says and i've had my eris for a few weeks now.

these forums seem to contain a wealth of information regarding our phones as well as the android system in general, so i'm pretty excited to join.

this is my first android phone. i got it because my good friend has a hero on the sprint network and i was just constantly amazed by it. quite honestly, i love love love this phone and have worked around the battery issue considerably. i'm able to get around a day and a half, 2 days out of my battery with some pretty good usage. there are a few other little bits that are annoying, but nothing that makes me want to trade in the phone. i'm pretty confident that when 2.1 comes out, it'll be what everyone was waiting for.

but anyways, hello all! just wanted to introduce myself.