Eris stock clock/location widget issue?


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Wife just got the HTC Eris, when we purchased it from the Verizon store the CLOCK/Location widget (what was on it from the factory) had the city we purchased it in as our location. I fumbled around looking athte settings of the widget and removed 2 NYC locations. Added my location by zipcode (not sure if that really worked) and when I returned to the home screen.. there was my current city.

This morning wife drives to work and the time on the widget is 1 hour behind. Though the clock on the notification bar is correct.

Any ideas here?


Not sure where you live but i had an issue with the clock widget one time while i was in Oakland, PA. The phone knew i was in Pennsylvania but the name Oakland in the location confused the HTC widget into putting me in Pacific time instead of Eastern. The actual phone clock remained correct though.

So if you happen to live in a smaller town in one timezone with the same name as a larger town in the next time zone your widget might be confused. I couldn't get the problem to resolve until i left Oakland so hopefully you have better luck than i did.


same problem as DDave

when I'm at work my clock widget is 2 hours earlier than my actual location
looking for any help as I use my phone as my watch
notification bar time correct but too small for a quick check of time