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Eris to v2.x, when?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fahertyps, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Android Enthusiast

    Bluetooth file transfer.

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  2. L0stS0ul

    L0stS0ul Well-Known Member

    You all have to remember that Android 2.1 is not out yet either. I'm sure that the Motorola droid will get 2.1 pretty soon after it is formally released. In the mean time HTC is working on the 2.1 sense upgrade which will most likely come well after Android 2.1 is formally released. HTC will have to QA their software against the released android which will take some time. Since the 2.1 Sense UI has already been leaked for the Hero I would guess they are not even bothering with 2.0. There is a lot broken in that build for the hero currently so it'd definitely not ready for prime time.

    Motorola Droid is a true Google phone and should get 2.1 not long after Google releases it. HTC has work to do to qualify so it could be a bit after 2.1 is released before we see it.

    That's my guess anyway on what's going to happen :)
  3. rigamrts

    rigamrts Well-Known Member

    wouldn't suprise me if they leaked it purposly so the rom cookers could tweak it for them.

    they did it before when it was beta and no phone was out for it. i was one of the people who tried that rom slow as a dog.

    but over time the cookers tweaked it so it ran ok on the G1 which was the only thing out at the time.

    then the first beta phone releases came that when the core tweak sd swap and odex optimazations came.

    once the phone was in the wild us G1 owners were like oh well we've been playing with it for months.

    so it's highly likely they leaked it on purpose to get feedback.
  4. Eric Bishop

    Eric Bishop Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are correct. People without the ability to exercise patience or perceive obvious market signals are not cool. People like that are not cool.
  5. Eric Bishop

    Eric Bishop Well-Known Member

    Well, the offer seems to be for a $10 Eris, on which you cannot choose your voice plan, on which you are defaulted into a $3 per month roadside assistance plan, on which you cannot choose unlimited messaging...

    So, thanks, dude. :(
  6. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    Hah. Find the closest fire you can find and jump in it :p
  7. Digitald

    Digitald Lurker

    am I missing something? I went to the site and selected a different plan as well as options and the eris was still only $10
  8. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    From twitter with HTC officially chiming in at the end:

    @Social_Selleck I think its dictated by HTC. My personal opinion.. They are the ones that approve and release the updates to their phones.

    Social_Selleck wrote "@jjolc Yes, and @htc has been working on the update since Google provided the source code. Google dictates updates."

    @HTC writes "@Social_Selleck Fair point. The carriers have a big say in updates as well :)"
  9. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    What does 2.0 have besides navigation and what bugs need fixed?
  10. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    From Android 2.0 Platform Highlights | Android Developers

    Android 2.0 Platform Highlights

    The Android 2.0 platform introduces many new and exciting features for users and developers. This document provides a glimpse at some of the new features and technologies in Android 2.0.

    New User Features

    Quick Contact for Android
    Multiple Accounts
    Messaging Search
    Email Combined Inbox
    Camera Modes
    Contacts and accounts

    • Multiple accounts can be added to a device for email and contact synchronization, including Exchange accounts. (Handset manufacturers can choose whether to include Exchange support in their devices.)
    • Developers can create sync adapters that provide synchronization with additional data sources.
    • Quick Contact for Android provides instant access to a contact's information and communication modes. For example, a user can tap a contact photo and select to call, SMS, or email the person. Other applications such as Email, Messaging, and Calendar can also reveal the Quick Contact widget when you touch a contact photo or status icon.

    • Exchange support.
    • Combined inbox to browse email from multiple accounts in one page.

    • Search functionality for all saved SMS and MMS messages.
    • Auto delete the oldest messages in a conversation when a defined limit is reached.

    • Built-in flash support
    • Digital zoom
    • Scene mode
    • White balance
    • Color effect
    • Macro focus
    Android virtual keyboard

    • An improved keyboard layout to makes it easier to hit the correct characters and improve typing speed.
    • The framework's multi-touch support ensures that key presses aren't missed while typing rapidly with two fingers.
    • A smarter dictionary learns from word usage and automatically includes contact names as suggestions.

    • Refreshed UI with actionable browser URL bar enables users to directly tap the address bar for instant searches and navigation.
    • Bookmarks with web page thumbnails.
    • Support for double-tap zoom.
    • Support for HTML5:
      • Database API support, for client-side databases using SQL.
      • Application cache support, for offline applications.
      • Geolocation API support, to provide location information about the device.
      • <video> tag support in fullscreen mode.

    • Agenda view provides infinite scrolling.
    • Events indicate the attending status for each invitee.
    • Invite new guests to events.
    New Platform Technologies

    Media Framework

    Revamped graphics architecture for improved performance that enables better hardware acceleration.

    • Bluetooth 2.1
    • New BT profiles: Object Push Profile (OPP) and Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP)
    New Framework APIs

    Android 2.0 includes several new developer APIs. For an overview of new APIs, see the Android 2.0 version notes.
    For a complete report of all API changes, see the API Differences Report.
  11. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    sweet, thanks
  12. mccarthyj2000

    mccarthyj2000 Lurker

    Was $0 before dec 7th. Now $9 for new contract or $29 for contract extension.

    What do you think my chances are of printing the offer out and taking it to best buy for a price match?
  13. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    Hahaha, do it!
  14. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert

    That list looks awesome.

    BTW, my dad was on the horn with Verizon this week asking about new phones. He has my old BB Curve (and should stay with BB IMO, but he desperately wants to be cool and have a touch screen phone, LOL).

    In any event, my dad was discussing the Android phones, and the Verizon rep told him that the Eris will be getting an upgrade to "Android 2" First Quarter 2010.
  15. L0stS0ul

    L0stS0ul Well-Known Member

    Some of the 2.0 features are given to us by the HTC Sense UI already. Exchange support, improved keyboard (the htc one is way better then stock android), The HTC browser has most of the features of the android 2.0 one plus pinch to zoom which it does not have. The HTC browser is way better. The HTC "people" app is leaps and bounds better than even the 2.0 contact list. The Dialer is much better on the HTC one.

    That's just a few examples. The big things for me coming in 2.0 are the OS optimizations and google navigation and goggles. Internal system task management is much better in 2.0 so that should help and hopefully make it so a task killer app is no longer needed. The big thing is app support though. There are a lot of apps out there that require 1.6 at a minimum.
  16. Mountainguy

    Mountainguy Newbie

    Hi everyone...I have a question about the application for a new account with the link in the original post. I would ask them myself but apparently you have to order before you can talk to anyone be it email or chat (no phone number listed). I can order this phone for $10 more through another company that I have used many times before but $10 in my pocket is even better.

    For a new account the application asks for a daytime number and a home number. The daytime number CAN be a mobile number but the home number can NOT. Both fields are required however I, like almost everybody I know across the nation, do not have a home phone number because I use my mobile number as my primary and only means of telephone contact. My question is can I put my mobile number in the "home number" field because technically it IS my home phone even though they specify no mobile numbers?

  17. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

  18. impaler

    impaler Newbie

    I'll stick with my Sprint Hero. Same basic phone, and ALOT cheaper each month.
  19. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    you my friend, are awesome [​IMG]
  20. bcltoys

    bcltoys Android Enthusiast

    So if or when 2.0 or 2.1 comes out will we have all the navigation perks of the moto droid.
  21. L0stS0ul

    L0stS0ul Well-Known Member

  22. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    Yes, HTC specifically said on Twitter that Google Navigation will be coming to the Droid Eris with the 2010 update.
  23. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    Sketchee...how did you create your 2-D barcode?
  24. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

  25. luger

    luger Newbie

    jkOnTheRun received a Droid Eris test phone today, which isn't big news. But, I noticed that he quietly pointed out that Verizon has told him that it will be updated to 2.1 in Q1 of next year. Glad to hear it's 2.1 and not 2.0, awesome.

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