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Eris trackball moving to the left - was usb

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wolfdogg, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. wolfdogg

    wolfdogg Member
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    hi all, i wanted to log my problem here for the community.

    i had a bad trackball problem, like everyone else, it was moving the menus to the left. i was looking into disabliing it. found its nearly imposible without physically removing it. i have considering putting a dab of silcon onto the side of teh ball to stop it from moving, MAY BE HELPFUL to you users that are still having problems. (NOTE, silicon is good because you WILL be able to remove it later with simply your fingernail)

    OK, heres something INTERESTING that i found was my problem. funny enough it was my usb cable/charger mount that was causing the problems. I was only getting this scrolling problems when the cable was plugged in (i use pdanet). when i unplug my cable the problem goes away. i found that even if the usb cable is unplugged from the PC or charger, once i plug it in to the phone side, OR wiggle it while its already plugged in, the trackball moves to the left. So, i assume the USB/CABLE input cage is somehow pressing up against the underneath of the trackball assembly.

    At first, i DID try to remove my trackball at first with a micro sized flathead screwdriver, all i managed was to put a sizable dent into the case just under the chrome ring of the trackball.

    Then i pulled out my air compressor and blew full force into the button, and pressing the ball inwards with the air nozzle, and spinning it with the nozzle to dislodge any junk in there.

    anyway, after i did this i found that it was the CABLE causing the problems. So i hope this helps some of you.

    MAKE SURE YOU PULL THE USB CABLE/CHARGER before asuming its JUST the trackball alone. :cool:

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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary


    Welcome to the AndroidForums!

    Yeah, its fairly well-known (at least among many of us rooted Eris users) that there's a correlation between the trackball assembly and the USB/power connector (clearly some bad design / engineering choices were made here).

    Take a peek at this thread:


    and then this thread over on XDA: Trackball Transplant - xda-developers

    There's images, etc. in the above thread that might mesh with what you reported above.

    Cheers and again, welcome to AF! :)

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