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Eris vs Droid - cursor movement, cut-and-paste, speed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by metazone, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. metazone

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    I read some posts about droid users switching to Eris but the most compelling reason for me to switch (which I'm considering) is the ease at which I can cut/paste from/to web pages, email, and notepad. I found 3 ways to do it on the droid & all aren't great - a) on web page, settings - more - select text and then I use my finger; b) in other areas, i long-press the area & a cut/paste menu pops up; c) the physical keyboard has a multi-directional key that I use along w/ the shift key. In most cases when grabbing from web pages, it's difficult. Does the Eris do a better job?

    How does the Eris perform in terms of browser speed? My friends have an iTouch and 2 blackberry models and - for whatever reasons - a very unscientific impromptu browser speed test showed that the droid was dramatically faster (over 3G network as opposed to WiFi). Is the Eris just as fast as the droid?

    Note: I'm now getting used to the soft keyboard but if I keep the droid, I am going to try "Swype' as an alternate soft keyboard (Swype isn't in the app market area; have to download it directly online). I wish there was a better way to move the cursor w/in a text area besides using your finger or the 4-directional key on the physical keyboard... wonder if Eris has a better cursor mover?

  2. thenestor

    thenestor Android Expert

    Regarding the ability to move the cursor within a text area, on the Droid Eris you can use the trackball, which is very convenient since you have fine control over the speed of movement.

    I've seen video showing that the Droid is indeed faster than the Droid Eris at rendering a web page. Not sure what causes the difference.

    I believe cut, copy, and paste are very similar on the Eris. The only way I've found to copy text on the web is to hit menu and "select text." In a text box, I can long press and "copy all" or "cut all" and then long press and "paste." Not sure if there's another way.
  3. Haywire

    Haywire Android Enthusiast

    The speed difference is the processors in the phone. I'm not sure what the number is excatly, but I know the droid has a faster one.. But, unless your a complete speed freak, I think you'll be fine with the Eris. I was considering the droid and when I wasnt a verizon customer playing with only the motorola one, until I read up on the eris on these forums and then I decided the Eris was a better choice from me.

    I've talked to a few members who have already made the switch from the droid to the eris and I feel like I would have been another one. That phones just too bulky for me, espically coming from an iphone like I did.

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