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Error 67? Username?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by trifox512, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. trifox512

    trifox512 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When I turn on my phone it displays a gray box stating ERROR 67. Something is wrong with my username nad password? Any help on what this error 67 means?:rolleyes:

  2. trifox512

    trifox512 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Any hints?
  3. swnic

    swnic Well-Known Member

    i get the same error when I start up the wifi hotspot :thinking:
  4. paradox183

    paradox183 Well-Known Member

    Some have said to go to Settings -> Update Phone -> Update Profile.
  5. CarrieL

    CarrieL Lurker

    When I called Sprint about this happening to me, she had me power off the phone, remove the battery for just over a minute, replace the battery, power on, then do the steps listed above. She said it's a problem due to all the new business from the EVO. I haven't had to do those steps again, but she said if it happens again to repeat that process.
  6. chazglenn3

    chazglenn3 Newbie

    I get that message when I try to USB tether my laptop. The Sprint rep I talked to said Sprint doesn't support USB tethering without paying the $30 per month for the hotspot. So, I decided to just download PDAnet.
  7. teky

    teky Android Enthusiast

    I thought that was supposed to be free until July, so folks could try it out?
  8. Pity410

    Pity410 Newbie

    My understanding is that it is only free with 4G.
  9. tlaznovsky

    tlaznovsky Lurker

    I've had the same issue. It originally happened about 20 minutes after I got my Evo yesterday. Stopped in at Sprint and they blamed it on flip flopping phones and to give it a little time. It came back within about half an hour and worked fine. But now anytime I plug the phone in to my computer to charge or transfer files over my data stops working and I receive the same error code. It seems to come back within 20 minutes or so afterward. I did, however, speed it up by connecting to my wifi network briefly. So far it's my only issue with the phone. I've updated my profile several times as well. Hopefully this issue disappears.
  10. iknoiilikeme2

    iknoiilikeme2 Lurker

    i had the same issue called sprint, they said that i had to wipe the phone clean and reset the settings on the phone, did it sat morning its been good since then, if that doesnt work sprint said i'd get a replacement evo from best buy
  11. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    I'm now getting this
  12. Ms_Kady

    Ms_Kady Well-Known Member

    I got this error this morning. Call Sprint and they told me to restart my phone and it fixed it.
  13. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    weird, i was on phone with sprint for about 40 minutes then i was on hold to advance tech and now it works all of sudden, weird...i guess ill stay on the line to transfer to care to get my $70 credit
  14. chriswise32

    chriswise32 Lurker

    The reason why it is saying error 67 is because not of a profile issue or anything it is just that you need to call sprint to buy that feature it cost 29.99 a month

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