Help Error: has stopped unexpectedly.

Is anyone getting this error: "The process has stopped unexpectedly. PLease try again."

It started this morning after I did the prl update. When I hit force quit the error keeps appearing and appearing.


My Eris is having the same problem. It started a couple of hours ago when the update finished.

It works now after taking out the micro SD card. I restarted the phone and then put it back in and it stopped working again. I am deducting that it is an error with the card.
Try formatting the Micro-SD ( that worked for my HTC Polaris 100 )
Step 1. Backup / Make a copy of all the files on the micro-sd as formatting deletes everything on the micro-sd
Step 2. Open up My computer and right click the microsd and click format

Step 3. Click Start

Step 4. Wait til it finishes and then copy everything back onto it