Root Error backing up Google apps


I just got a custom recovery image installed on my Optimus V, and I am trying to do a complete backup before I proceed to trying out new ROMs.

I did a nandroid backup, and that worked fine. When I did "Backup Google proprietary system files", it did not present any errors on the device, but it also didn't seem to copy anything. (It only took a few seconds, and I couldn't find anything on the SD card.)

So I checked the recovery log, and found an error :(

I have attached the complete log, but here is what I think the relevant pieces are:
Backup Google proprietary system files?
Press Menu to confirm,
any other key to abort.

Performing backup : .mount: mounting /dev/block/mtdblock1 on /cache failed: Device or resource busy
.Skipping odexed apk /system/app/NetworkLocation.apk

Backup complete!

Any ideas on how to correct this? I haven't been able to find anything similar in my searches (is my Google-fu weak?). Could the problem be caused by the fact that I'm running a recovery.img that is for the Sprint version instead of VM?


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All you need is the nandroid.
Ok, thanks :)

Does that mean the google apps are included in the nandroid backup? I figured that the Google backup option was for ROMs that didn't have them, so I thought it would be best to back those up too, just in case. But as long as I can get back to what I have now using my nandroid backup, I should be good to go :)