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Oct 26, 2009
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I hope this helps other users having the Error Code 1012.

10:30:01 AM : Connected to

10:30:02 AM : Session ID: 369110

10:30:02 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Initial Question/Comment: Error Code:1012

10:30:07 AM : Please wait and the next available specialist will be with you shortly.

10:30:12 AM : If you are chatting today for Technical Support, please call (888) 211-4727.

10:30:12 AM : Vincent C has joined this session!

10:30:12 AM : Connected with Vincent C. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 369110.

10:30:13 AM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Vincent C.

10:30:42 AM : Vincent C: hello.

10:30:46 AM : gnarlyDUCK: hi

10:31:02 AM : gnarlyDUCK: I heard there was an update for the Hero released recently.

10:31:14 AM : gnarlyDUCK: I'm getting Error Code:1012 when trying to update.

10:31:16 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Help?

10:31:42 AM : gnarlyDUCK: I've already rebooted/powered off multiple times/taken battery out/factory reset.

10:31:47 AM : gnarlyDUCK: And same error code.

10:31:52 AM : Vincent C: I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

10:32:08 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Ah dont be, not your fault. I would just like to get the update.

10:32:37 AM : Vincent C: please provide me few moments so this I can check it for you.

10:33:40 AM : gnarlyDUCK: sure.

10:33:52 AM : Vincent C: I am sorry for the over sight

10:34:57 AM : Vincent C: You have to contact our technical support team at (888) 211-4727

10:35:17 AM : Vincent C: They will resolve your problem fully.

10:35:19 AM : gnarlyDUCK: I work during the hours technical support works.

10:35:46 AM : gnarlyDUCK: And I need this done before midnight for I am on-call for my job starting then.

10:36:03 AM : Vincent C: Please allow me a few more moments to check your account details.

10:37:38 AM : Vincent C: Please follow the steps given below to restore Data profile on your handset:

10:37:43 AM : Vincent C: From the dial pad, enter ##3282#.

10:38:33 AM : Vincent C: Are you able to follow the steps?

10:38:44 AM : gnarlyDUCK: yes. Its asking for View Mode or Edit Mode.

10:38:58 AM : Vincent C: Tap Edit Mode.

10:39:10 AM : gnarlyDUCK: tapped. Password: ?

10:39:13 AM : Vincent C: Use the virtual keyboard to type the 6-digit 056034

10:39:45 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Done.

10:39:53 AM : Vincent C: Tap User Name.

10:40:12 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Retrieved Settings. I have a list now.

10:40:18 AM : Vincent C: Press Menu, then tap Restore.

10:40:33 AM : Vincent C: At the warning prompt, Tap OK.

10:40:43 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Device restarting.

10:40:54 AM : Vincent C: Tap OK to reset the phone or let the phone reboot automatically .

10:43:13 AM : gnarlyDUCK: It just rebooted again. Is that normal?

10:43:33 AM : Vincent C: From the Home screen, press Menu then tap Settings.

10:45:07 AM : Vincent C: In Settings, flick up then tap About phone.

10:45:08 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Im in settings now.

10:45:17 AM : gnarlyDUCK: In about.

10:45:39 AM : Vincent C: Tap System updates.

10:45:49 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Okay.

10:45:54 AM : Vincent C: Tap Update profile.

10:46:34 AM : Vincent C: you will see will see Device Configuration - The network is preparing your service. Please wait.

10:46:35 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Update complete.

10:48:04 AM : Vincent C: The update for the Sprint HTC Hero handset has already been released and these are the issues which have been fixed:

10:48:09 AM : Vincent C: Clock widget displaying time for the same city in a different state
YouTube, Cannot play video error
Intermittent Unable to Receive SMS
Picturemail Download Unsuccessful error
EvDO-only indicator
Wired headset not recognized by device
Clock widget displaying inaccurate times
Some recurring calendar events display daily after first occurrence
Force close messages on start-up and no service after many market installs
Home widgets not refreshing properly after changing scenes in Sense UI
Text conversations merged/mislabeled
E-mails forwarded from menu option do not include attachments
Inaccurate date for calendar entries between the years of 1901 and 1944
HTC Calendar widget #3 displays some all-day events incorrectly

10:48:29 AM : gnarlyDUCK: Now I should be able to try the firmware update?

10:48:39 AM : Vincent C: That's right.

10:48:44 AM : Vincent C: Please follow the steps to

10:48:59 AM : Vincent C: Please follow the steps to download the latest software:

10:49:04 AM : Vincent C: Make sure HTC Sync is installed on PC.
Find the HTC Sync installer on HTC