error code 67 after phone stolen


My phone was stolen and shockingly returned (there are some good people out there!) but now all of a sudden I am getting a constant pop up Error Message that states this: Error Code 67 Registration Failure...". Someone please help, it's driving me crazy and I cant get on the internet. Sprint is worthless for customer support. For those technically savvy people out there, do I need to worry that someone is getting into my personal info on my phone (ie emails, pics of my kids, etc?!)???? Help please, if I see another error code I am going to pull my hair out! And the though of people having access to my phone from a distance is scary. BTW, I have the HTC Evo Shift 4G. Technical stuff is definitely not my strength so any help is of great appreciation.
Two possible solutions: either update your prl through settings, or you may have to reprogram your phone. You can get the programming info from your sprint account online, any sprint store or by calling the worthless customer service reps.


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Error code 67 just has to deal with the data connectivity through the wireless network, as far as I know. I don't think you are being "hacked" per se. I would change my passwords for any available (to the thief) accounts on the phone. That is once you get you connectivity issue fixed.

Update PRL, and profile if you are able, If not you will probably have to install the factory program (unless you are rooted) from either sprint or HTC's website, just like Justinlara suggested.

Post back and let us know what happened or what your fix was if you can get it straightened out.


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Check your settings to see if they enabled wifi hotspot - if they did that without you having the paid feature, you'll get that error code.

If that doesn't fix it, toggle off mobile network (3G), wait a short while, then toggle it back on.

Definitely update the PRL and profile as 330D suggests - in that order.


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I was told I was able to use INternet because the Sprint personnel troubleshooted my phone remotely. I was also informed the data services can stop working at any time due to the outage. Totally weird that my phone worked fine prior to it being stolen (then returned) but perhaps it was just a matter of timing rather than someone having hacked into my phone. Relief :)

Now a couple days later both of my emails are working. Apparently Sprints Engineers resolved the issue, so hats off to them although it took much longer than the predicted 24 hrs. Much appreciation also for the guidance from those of the forum as well.