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Support error restoring system

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by urboyissues, May 8, 2010.

  1. urboyissues

    urboyissues Active Member
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    I went to change the font on my droid and didn't think to make a backup since I do it all the time and never have a problem. Well I forget to change the file to update.zip and when i went to reboot the phone it got stuck at the Motorola screen. I have no backups from after I updates the baseband and every time I try to use an old one it goes through the process and when it gets to restoring system it stops and says "Error while restoring /system/!"

    I don't know if I can just try to load a different rom and that will fix it or what... if i have to take it back to factory 2.0.1 since i have never received the official update i am fine with that.. just a pain getting all my apps and things back. I am using the clockworkmod Recovery v1.8.1.4 was running a blackdroid rom if this helps.. was doing the font change using Rom Manger...

    Thank you guys in advance.. I am stuck in yuma, az right now and my Droid is my life line.. can't have it go out on me..


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