ES File explorer doesn't show internal SD Card Contents (Xperia Z)


Hi, I'm an advance (IT) user. Have been using ES file explorer (on a rooted sony xperia z) for many months. Recently I started facing a problem (earlier it was OK) that when I click 'Device' or 'Root' button to browse, the screen shows SD Card 0 (4.06 GB/11.73GB) and SDCard1 (13.91 GB/29.70 GB). But if I click on (to browse) the former (i.e. internal SD Card 0), there is nothing inside, totally blank. I know there are contents inside there. Even ES is telling 4.06 GB as occupied. And if I explore the same on my laptop screen thru wifi connection or another file browser on my mobile (like Astro File Manager), all/many folders are shown correctly. But in the ES it shows as blank. (I've attached 3 screen shots of the same, 1st showing the options as well as in the background showing some contents of ext_sdcard).

And if I see/click SDCard1 or Ext_Card, all contents are shown correctly by ES. I've tried going into internal sdcard memory thru diff routes also, i.e. by going to root> mnt> SDcard. Or by \> sdcard. Or by storage> sdcard0.

Pls help.


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Quick try. Clear data and cache for ES. Uninstall ES. Shut the phone off. Turn the phone on. Install ES from Play. Try it now. (It's just a guess, but sometimes data becomes corrupted.)


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Thank you.

But I succeeded in finding the problem. It was somehow (most probably by mistake by me) made hidden. So I just went into menu> tools> hide list> restore. That's it.

Thank you for your response anyway.



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Thank you for sharing how you were able to fix it! I'm sure your post will be helpful to others who may have the same issue. :)