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ES File Explorer network share access - help please

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Rich172, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Rich172

    Rich172 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi - am struggling to get access to my NAS drive.
    Using ESFileExplorer i can see both my PC and the NAS, i can access the PC and stream video from shared folders (great!:)) but i cannot get into the NAS.
    Have got the ip address and username all set up correctly but it continually fails to login....i must be missing a trick somewhere....:mad:
    PC + NAS (western digital HDD via USB Pluscom switch) + WDTVLive all connected wired.
    i can login & stream direct from the NAS to the WDTV no problem so network share working fine..... just can't access from the NExus7...!
    nexus7 via wifi - have port forwarded 1223 as per web several sites recommendation

    have tried other apps - Astro, FileMgrHD etc all have a similar issue - some dont even find the server via ip address..... doh!:mad:

    any suggestions most welcome

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  2. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

  3. Rich172

    Rich172 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    @ Jaee_63 - thanks for the reply. apologies for lack of understanding.... noobie...
    the link you posted concerns a rooted device - i have yet to decide if i need to this...various tutorials suggest it is not needed for NAS share(?)
    what is the difference between sharing from a PC (this works for me) or from a NAS share ?
    do you mean the rom in the NAS switch or in the nexus....?
    my NAS is a bit diy using a WD Elements with a pluscom usb NAS switch.....so wouldnt be surprised if that is the root cause....
  4. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

    I am not a great authority on this subject, but I was referring to rooting your nexus.

    When I had a phone without cifs rom support (droid eris) I couldn't access my nas. Now that my current phone (lg optimus slider) has builtin cifs support, I can access my lacie nas successfully.

    Perhaps there are communication protocol differences between the pc and nas, although I would expect them both to use smb.

    Some threads suggest that you must add a password to your nas, in order for android apps to work properly.

    Good luck ... please post back here if you resolve this, since I am considering purchasing a nexus 4, which may have the same issues.
  5. Rich172

    Rich172 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hey folks - still failing to get my nexus 7 to talk to my NAS......
    initially I could see the server on ESfileExplorer and similar apps but couldn't connect.... now it wont find it..
    nexus7 sees other pcs on the network and can share with them but not my NAS....grrr...
    my WDTV live streams from NAS no problem....

    was thinking of investing in android tv box to convert to smart tv but ideally want it also to stream from NAS.... current situation puts me off...

    NAS (external HDD via ethernet switch) connected to network as windows share "workgroup" - as above PC and WDTV can connect and stream but not the NExus7....

    any advice much appreciated
  6. Rich172

    Rich172 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  7. Harry2

    Harry2 Extreme Android User

    Hasn't the HDD an ethernet connector but is connected via USB to the network?

  8. Rich172

    Rich172 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    HDD is a standard external USB. it is connected to a PLUSCOM NAS Adapter (NAS-C) with USB and then to the router/network via ethernet cable
    can read/write and stream content to PC network and to WDTV player from this with no problem - but appears invisible on Android....

    'tis a bit of a DIY botch job.... so wouldnt be surprised if it was the root -cause of the issue on android....

    thanks for for the reply ..... any advice most welcome !
  9. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    If you're unable to see the NAS with ES File Explorer, try specifying an IP address instead of a server name (assuming you're not already doing that). That's the way I've always done it and I've never had an issue.
  10. Rich172

    Rich172 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yep having been trying to do this, can the see the ip address of the NAS via my network config on the main pc. but esfileexplorer or others cannot find/connect to it. it has a user/password etc initially i could see the server but couldnt connect despite all correct ip/user/psswd etc.... not it cannot even bee seen....

    suspect the old firmware on the PLUSCOM NAS adapter is not up to the job/up to date....

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