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My workstation (Win7 Pro 64) needs a new eSet badge, as do my lappie and Razr M.

Me thinks there needs to be a small security sub-forum if that's possible. Shhhh. :)

I can net 10x 2 year PC/Android/Mac licenses for 75 beans. It's great PC security with ultra-fast code. If I read a quick blurb in the whirlwind of mod life, me thinks it may tidy up some of the advert crap for free apps on Android devices too? {{{ SP? }}} lol

If your flighty and don't get the e-mail, well . . . . Hush.

What if there were threads for small member group buys here, and you just remember to subscribe to the thread before the pack is full and then the thread is locked after everyone has completed their installs.

Once cash is transferred by the subscribers, (And I'd suggest a group leader set the date and time once commitments are made so the exchange is handled in a very expadicios manor.

someone here that's okay with all concerned, the thread is locked by a mod and the keys are sent out to the subscribers via e-mail. I can provide MY business license. :)

Primary Purpose Recording.

I also have a merchant acct.

Every two years the participants who are SUBSCRIBERS will get a new post alert from from the forum mod hitting the lock thread with a 4 week, two week and DAY OF post perhaps, if it's not too hard to manage with volunteer staff.

$7.5 USD for a two year badge - PC, Android or Mac

I need 3 an d a possible out of 10. I have strong reason to believe that this is the go-to company, and their solution is very likely, (as just an educated guess, mind you), to work VERY WELL on he Android platform. eSet's been on the ball and has been run in my circles for about 7 or 8 years, though I was still using AVG or Security essentials back then.

About to catch the Firefox 43.0.4 update. Anyhow . . .

I digress.

NE1 run this package on Android?

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Sounds overly complex and expensive when Antivirus is pretty much pointless on Android.

Technically, Viruses don't exist on Android, Malware does and that can be easily avoided if you're careful with what you install, use legit App Stores and don't use pirated apps. Malware doesn't mystically appear on Android devices, it has to be installed.

I've been using various Android devices for nearly 6 years; never ran AV, never had any issues.

The Popup ads you mention can normally be removed by clearing cache and data on all browsers and running free apps like addons detector or malware bytes.

Even if you do want an AV solution, there are free options like Avast & Lookout available.

There are also plenty of decent free solutions available for PC. Avast, Avira, AVG etc.
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I've relied on free solutions for many many years. McAfree from the BBS days forward. I went most recently from AVG to MSE, but when MSE started to get kinda weak, I went to eSet and honestly, I've never looked back. Like anything else, the De Facto standard changed aver few years, but good code is good code, and often worth paying for, because it's built with assembly and/or machine code.

Re: Expensive, well $7.50 for two years is a price point I'm not complaining about. :) I was jsut handed a phone to work with yesterday and Chrome is definitely hijacked for starters. I immediately said, "I don't even want to deal with this mess," and handed her her phone back. lol

Anyhow, my Mom's memorial service is tomorrow, and I'm felting some kinda way about the fact that her ONLY family member, "My father," has ensured I will contribute nothing. I just say this becasue lately, nothing I say comes out right, so . . . yeah.