Help ESN tied to mainboard?



Hi all, first post here but have been lurking for a while. Unfortunately it's not on a happy note that I finally registered. My digitizer and display are both cracked so I'm thinking of buying a used phone off eBay for the parts. If I get a phone with a bad ESN, can I simply pull the mainboard out of it and install mine in its place? Or would the ESN be tied to the actual display somehow?

Anyone know of a source for the magical OLED displays (digitizers seem to be abundant on eBay, but I've yet to see a single display for this phone by itself).

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Global Parts Direct has sells the Digitizer and *lists* a replacement screen, but it is listed as an LCD screen. Here's link:
HTC Verizon Droid Incredible LCD Screen

I'm not sure if it's just a mistake and they meant AMOLED since it is listed as an OEM replacement.

The ESN/MEID is not tied to display components, but rather the main board. So you should be fine swapping out those components.

You may also want to contact HTC directly about a repair. I believe others have had just the digitizer replaced directly from them at a fairly reasonable price. They may also be able to do the same for you on the screen and digitizer. Their number is 1-888-716-3594.

Good luck.


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100% positive it's the display. Following the advice in other posts I had picked up a digitizer and was in the process of replacing it when I discovered that the main problem is the the display underneath :(.

I've e-mailed Global Parts Direct about the LCD/AMOLED discrepancy. Hopefully they respond quickly.