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ESPN ScoreCenter: Top Sports Score App

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by njohnston86, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. njohnston86

    njohnston86 Guest
    Thread Starter

    -Faster than other sports apps
    -Download fav teams and sports from ESPN (if you are signed up)
    -Easy to use Widget (Fav. Teams)

    -Scores only; no news other than small ticker
    -Driection buttons hard to use (Use menu pull up.

    Scorecenter is great for just that scores. It has an attractive UI and seems speedier than Sports Tap or the Google Scoreboard. I would suggest if you haven't; signing up on ESPN for an account and add all your fav. teams and sports there and the app will add them for you automatically after that. Although you can still do that manually in the app. Would be great if they expand this app to include news (has a news ticker at the bottom).Easier to navigate with the pull up tab than the directions buttons for me. The widget is also nice, easy scrolling on your home screen of your fav teams. This will be my knew permanent sports app.


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