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Essential Apps (for the new user, must haves etc.)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by wnajar, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. wnajar

    wnajar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Got the idea for this from another thread post.

    Think it'd be helpful to have a thread about "must have" apps that people looking for more functionality could browse or new users could take a quick look at to jump-start their Android experience.

    So, what in your opinion are the essential apps for Android? Ones whose functionality could even be included in the next version of Android (Flan)? Or ones that you think every user should or must have?

    My own personal list right now goes:

    Advanced Task Killer - to kill those annoying apps that are written poorly for android and don't close on their own/use loads of battery (don't set it to run all the time though)

    AK Notepad or Note Everything or Colornote - notes apps

    ASTRO - file manager app

    Backgrounds - good way to get a better wallpaper on your phone easily, free

    Barcode Scanner - very useful for finding apps, also pretty cool functionality

    DroidLight or MotoTorch LED - see in the dark using the dual-LED, strobe function, morse code (great developer for mototorch!)

    Goggles - very cool visual search function with google, show off to your friends

    Google Sky Map - fun app for finding constellations

    Google Voice - adds a second number to your phone, if you have a gv account

    handyCalc - graphing/scientific calculator, huge features set

    Key Ring - get those dumb rewards cards off your keychain and put them on your phone

    Maps - self explanatory, great for navigation, never get lost again

    Movies - with rottentomatoes or flixter reviews, great for finding a movie to go to

    Pandora - listen to streaming music for free

    Ringdroid - create your own custom ringtones, hate the defaults

    SchottGunn and The Schwartz Unsheathed - mess around with your friends, waste time, amuse yourself if you are easily amused

    Shazam - identify music you don't know and then download it

    ShopSavvy - scan barcodes and find the best price for an item

    SMS Popup - sms notification app with quick reply, reply, close delete and custom notification settings (see also Handcent SMS)

    SNesoid, NESoid and Gameboid - emulators, some of the best games for android can be played this way (other emulators also, great developer)

    Where's My Droid - never lose your phone again, text your phone a keyboard and it turns your volume up and rings if you lost your phone and it's on silent (see also droid commander or droid locator)

    Where - find gas stations, restaurants, yellow pages stuff etc. (see also aloqa)

    Wikimobile - wikipedia for your phone

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  2. inchul64

    inchul64 Lurker


    I thought I would add a few more valuable apps for the android:

    1) personal assistant - it holds information for easy access to websites you use - banking, social media, utilities, cell phone, etc. It also has a page with quick summary of recent transactions, updates, and alerts

    2) atrackdog - automatically updates all your apps.

    3) carr matey - uses gps to pinpoint where your car is so when you need to find it later, you can use your droid to locate your car.

    4) companionlink - I used a palm treo before this and couldn't figure out how to transfer all my contacts to the droid. This was expensive ($39.99) but it did the trick. You have to download this to your computer and then also download CL USB Sync to your droid for it to work. But after this, it will keep all your info at their server and if you lose your droid in the future, you can use companionlink to download all your contacts back to your computer.

    5) lookout - if you lose your droid in the future, this app will help you locate it and even erase the memory on your phone.

    I also play a lot of robo defense. If you have any apps that are really useful, please share them. Thank you.
  3. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    You're kidding, right?

    Palm desktop has the ability to export contacts as .csv files, and you can upload the .csv to your google account to sync to Droid.

    Paying $39.99 for something you can do easily for free is such a lazy waste of money.
  4. inchul64

    inchul64 Lurker

    Hi AndroidSPCS,

    Before I bought the android, I talked to a Verizon rep who told me I can import my contacts by converting to csv. So I did, but it wouldn't do that.
    Also, I am not a gmail or google user so it would have taken me time to work it out. I read about someone who was able to use some complex way to convert from palm and import, but others said they couldn't make it work. Someone in a forum mentioned companionlink so I found it and used it. It was worth the $40 to have my contacts on my droid instead of spending many hours trying to figure it out. I could afford it so the time spent was worth the money. No need to try to make me look stupid. We're all just trying to figure it out.
  5. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Why would you buy an Android phone and not be a gmail or google user? That makes no sense. It's like buying an iPhone and refusing to use iTunes, or being a Palm user and refusing to use the Palm Desktop software...

    Not trying to make you look stupid, just thought it was very silly, when you're moving from one of the easiest phones to get data out of (Palm), into one of the phones easiest to get data into (Android).

    Kind of like buying a TV with free cable TV included, but then buying an extra over the air antenna just to watch TV.
  6. Robchaos

    Robchaos Well-Known Member

    Maybe he bought it for the functionality and open source nature of the phone and app community???
    It's kind of like buying a phone that has the potential to do anything, then using it in many ways except one...Syncing contacts for free. Big deal. Things that might seem simple to some of the more technical inclined people can seem like a daunting task to others.

    Anyways, back on topic...
    Dolphin Browser - It's a nice browser that utilizes multi-touch pinch to zoom. It does one thing the stock Hero browser doesn't, it downloads youtube videos onto your SD card.

    GPS Status - Shows GPS accuracy, position, speed, bearing, acceleration, magnetic and true north. Can mark and share locations.

    Bank of America - Great app if you bank with them.

    Amazon.com - Don't even have to get off my ass while watching tv if I get the sudden urge to order something off amazon!

    Depth of Field Calculator - I like photgraphy

    Androzip File manager - My file manager of choice.

    Radar Now! - Bare bones location based weather radar app.

    Dial Zero v1.04 - Gives you the 800 numbers of many companies you might deal with regularly, and tells you the quickest ways to get through their automated menus to a real person
  7. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Back to topic, I'd hardly call a $40 data transfer software an "essential" app for Android that can be done freely and is Android's core capabilities... :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    And if $40 is nothing to you, please send me $40 via PayPal. I sure could use $40.
  8. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Well here's my contribution to the thread...

    Picsay- It's a pretty good free photo editor
    Qik- Live streaming and it's in hi res too! good way of sharing vids with your friends and family
    MyCoupons- Well it gives you coupons haha.

    I hope no one flames me because they don't think my list of apps are essential. :eek:

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