Root Europe connections


I'm headed to Italy in a few days and will only bring my android (razr). Kinda new to this stuff but what kind of connectivity options will I have - I know it's dependent on my package but I might consider adding to it temporarily.

wifi - internet?

I don't need to make voice calls.

With wifi hotspots over there do I have to do anything special since my service is Verizon?

Thanks for any advice! tricks? etc.



Android Expert
If you don't plan on getting a foreign SIM card for temp use, then count out text messages. And you should turn of all mobile data. This is not the same as airplane mode. You will then use your phone only when you have a WiFi connection, and you can email and internet. Note that VZW will charge you $1.99/kb over there if you do not turn off mobile data and data roaming. Yes, that is per Kilobyte, meaning over $20/mB! At least that was the rate for Israel in Oct 2011.

Now on the other hand you could look into getting a local prepaid SIM card that would allow everything, but you'd hae an Italian phone number. Here's some discussion here:

good luck and enjoy your trip!