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Evaluating Fascinate/Verizon vs. Captivate/AT&T

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ewingr, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. ewingr

    ewingr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry...another evaluation thread:rolleyes:

    I am currently an AT&T customer, and having had a Captivate for a while, and waiting for the GPS fix, I am considering repurchase now. (Evaluating other phones, I'm about to decide I'll live with the GPS downsides, in hopes that ultimately the Froyo release, whenever that is, fixes it.)

    So now I'm trying to decide wether to go with the Captivate again, or move to Verirzon and get the Fascinate. There are considerations about each phone, and maybe larger considerations re: each carrier.

    I'm just brainstorming here my thought processes to help myself make a decision. And if anyone is interested enough to read through this and offer their thoughts, please do.

    Carrier Choice

    The most obvious concern for me regarding carrier include:

    • Data Pricing/Bandwidth policy: I currently am on the unlimited plan with AT&T. It has been noted that it caps at 5GB, but so far has not been enforced. At least, that's my understanding. So far, I don't need near that much.

      I understand that Verizon's is unlimited. And of course they have announced they will be making changes, but different from AT&T. The risk is that the current unlimited users would not be grandfathered in.
    • Coverage. My coverage is very very good with AT&T. Some folks I work with do not have the coverage they expect with Verizon. Ususally that is in the case where they don't get it good at their home, but visitors with AT&T do. I am not sure if I can cancel the contract w/o fees (in the first 30 days) if I am unhappy with coverage.
    • Pricing. I get discounts at both based on my employer, but it is actually a bit better at Verizon
    • Support: Anecdotally, based on various threads I've read, people on AT&T who complain about support quite often has a Verizon customer, or past customer, indicating how it is so much better on AT&T than Verizon, so, "Be happy"

    Phone Choice

    Items to consider here:

    • Designwise, I do like the back cover for the Captivate, but that's hardly anything to be concerned about
    • Fascinate 2GB internal storage, whereas Captivate is 16. That's a pretty big deal.
    • Mobile Hotspot: Yes on Fascinate, no on Captivate, but there is workaround for that on Captivate
    • Price: Can get 2 virtually free, for wife and I of the Fascinate via Amazon, and maybe BB tomorrow.
    • Having owned a Captivate, I am pretty familiar with how to Root, and apply ROMS, etc. I presume it is similar, if not identical. But appears less options to apply for lag fixes, etc.
    • DEV support: It seems a common statement that broadest/quickest (by quickest, I mean they have had more time, and more is developed) at the moment is for Vibrant. I find it is doing well for the Captivate. I have browsed the Fascinate forum for DEV on XDA, and it appears to be gearing up, but behind the Captivate. Question is, will it continue to grow? (I based that purely on a very quick browse of the number of threads on ROMS, etc, in the Fascinate forum

    That's about all that comes to mind now. I suppose the main thing driving my possible interest in the Vibrant is the great price at the moment.

    I interest in your thoughts.

    (Over analyzing seems to be one of my faults):cool:


  2. ewingr

    ewingr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Not surprisingly, not getting any feedback.

    FYI...I'm leaning pretty strongly toward the Fascinate.
  3. Segfault

    Segfault Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2010
    The captivate and facinate are almost the same phone, the main diff is the internal memory like you have noticed. I think the AT&T vs Verizon thing would be more important than captivate vs facinate. If you are looking at Verizon then you obviously have a bunch of more Android phones to consider while the rest of AT&T's Android choices are pretty weak.
  4. ewingr

    ewingr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, I've decided, adn its the Captivate.

    Now if they just fix {G Word } I'll be happy. :p
  5. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2009
    Always select the carrier first based on your coverage needs. Do not rely on coverage maps. I've lived in several areas indicated as "good" yet signal was unusable even outdoors. IIRC, every carrier allows you to opt out without ETF during their trial period (length can vary depending on carrier). Definitely be sure to fully check out coverage everywhere you need it within that timeframe.

    You need to give any discussion forum site at least a day for responses. We're not all paid to be sitting here hoping that you'll post something for us to reply to. ;)

    Are you sure they'll let you keep it when you switch? I'd suggest getting it in writing. The current data plans are all limited, IIRC.

    IMO TMO > at&t in that area and that' based on experience with my personal lines as well as corporate BB support that I used to do. I haven't need Verizon support yet so I can't really comment on comparing them to at&t. For me that's never a major consideration one way or another. Even if a carrier has poor CSR's overall (again IMO) the "be polite, end the call, call back and hope for a better CSR" approach has always worked for me.
  6. ewingr

    ewingr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    Thanks for your detailed response and time.

    I understand and agree with all your comments.

    Regarding 'choose carrier based on coverage', that is exactly why I was concerned. My coverage is fine wiht AT&T, and I do not want to rely on a map to decide other carries is good. Hence the concern about being able to get out of the contract in 30 days.

    That being said, they have told me that I can get out of the contract in 30 days. Would only be charged for time that I am on. Makes sense.

    I agree with your comments on giving time for a forum to reply. You are exactly right. That being said, I have found this forum to be very active, and had expected maybe a response or two in 5 hours. At any rate, I probably should not have made that statement. I guess I was just anxious as I needed to make the decision yesterday.

    Regarding the data contract, I am sure they let me keep it. But again, I think they have an out as I think their old 'unlimited' plans to state a max of 5GB, again, not enforced yet.

    Thanks again for your detailed reply.
  7. 3gAndroid

    3gAndroid Well-Known Member

    Aug 23, 2010
    CA, USA
    Disclaimer: I'm a smartphone _addict_ :)

    OK now that you know the truth, you'll understand (or not) why I have several active lines with _both_ AT&T and Verizon. After all a guys got to have choices. I'm lucky to live in an area where each of these two carriers have great coverage, fast 3G, and their is very little difference between them.

    I've enjoyed very good customer service from both, with the major difference being the bad rap that AT&T has been subject to ever since the advent of the iPhone.

    For what it's worth, I can testify that the AT&T network is every bit as good as Verizon, but the Apple fanboys vast numbers, and incessant whining has convinced even those who should know better that AT&T has an inferior network. Here's how I know that's a lie.

    Why is it, that for years my BlackBerry's Samsung BlackJacks and other phones were crystal clear on AT&T?

    Why is it that my current AT&T Captivate and BB 9700 are crystal clear on AT&T?

    Why is it that my iPhone 4 drops calls and just doesn't cut it? It's the iPhone people.

    To the topic of Fascinate vs Captivate, these two are so similar I don't think you can go wrong with either. I'm really enjoying my Captivate.

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