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Eventful morning at Best Buy!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Eternal_XTC, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Eternal_XTC

    Eternal_XTC Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I pre ordered my EVO at best buy arrived 30 mins prior to opening was first in line for my phone and it took 3 and a half hours to activate my phone. Anyone else have any horror stories? I couldn't believe the system was so bogged down. Eventually the BB reps wouldn't let the Customer service people hang up and just activated one after another!

  2. LisaFitz

    LisaFitz Well-Known Member

    Nope went to my local RS by 630am and was out by 7ish after playing with the employees phones and mine on Fring! All in all maybe 5 people were there with me ...Activation took all but 2 minutes, than drove past the Sprint store to see a crowd around the corner waiting ...

    Only thing i missed was the Premier cases at BB with the belt clips, bought the non-belt clip and will exchange it at another time when they get more -
  3. lyons238

    lyons238 Android Enthusiast

    i bought the silicone case at sprint. im going to look for better ones online, then probably return this one. i also had to pay 22 bucks for a zagg screen protector because i didnt want to scratch the screen waiting for an ordered one to come in.
  4. thezlog

    thezlog Member

    Took me about 2 hours today as well.

    I used to work at the BB i purchased from so I'm friends with a lot of people. The company decided to do major updates to the software/server backbone that handles just about everything cell phone related.

    long story short, the main system was down and they had to do paper contracts and call it in.
  5. Aldo Junior Ao2

    Aldo Junior Ao2 Android Enthusiast

    The BestBuy in New york City on 23rd to me was dead like maybe ten people waiting. They had no cases so i went to the sprint up one Ave and bam They had tons of them. I'm very surprise about this so call sprint computer meltdown. Sorry for the OP troubles but atleast your holding it right now eh.
  6. Eternal_XTC

    Eternal_XTC Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I heard RS was a great place to go. Sadly none of the local RS here were selling phones. Wonder if it was just BB's computers or the system in general?
  7. anish3232

    anish3232 Lurker

    Went in at 8 at RS and took 20 mins, he had to call in my activation due to a Free and Clear plan on another phone.
  8. RS said each store was given like 2-5 each :( pre ordered mine should get it no later than a week from today
  9. reallynotnick

    reallynotnick Android Enthusiast

    Took me 3.5 hours to get out as we were doing a family plan and moving 4 different lines (2 from T-Mobile and 2 from Virgin Mobile). Funny thing is ever after all that freaking time he still couldn't port over the Virgin Mobile numbers and had to give us 2 temporary numbers and Sprint owns freaking Virgin Mobile!!! Not to mention they couldn't transfer the Virgin Mobile contacts but they did it just fine for our iPhone (minus a few weird screwups).
    I still have such a freaking headache from today, (doesn't help part of that is my family is extremely annoying to boot). Maybe tomorrow I will look at my EVO more fondly...
  10. Michael.

    Michael. Newbie

    Here's MY "horror" story...

    I DIDN'T GET MINE TODAY! Damn! Because my BB kept getting kicked out of the system (this started around 12pm) and the systems were going very slowly, and yeah. So after about 2 hours I left and I'm going in right at 10am tomorrow and getting it first thing. Letting the network have a night to take a chill pill.
  11. orangefloat

    orangefloat Lurker

    @Michael, ask the BBM reps to phone into Sprint.
  12. nullspace

    nullspace Well-Known Member

    It took me about an hour to get out of the store because the computers were so slow at BB. I had to jet out of there to meet my parents for something. I went back to the store later to grab some other stuff I didn't have time to pick up the first time and they guy that helped me said I was one of two people who had gotten activated on the computer in 3 hours. He said the reps had resorted to calling in all the activations which meant staying on hold to talk to a Sprint CSR.:eek:
  13. Eternal_XTC

    Eternal_XTC Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yeah I really don't understand this. It seems some BB were being lazy or were misinformed. My BB after 30 minutes of not getting through picked up the phone and did manual contracts and activated over the phone 1 by one. They completely gave up on the computer system.
  14. horadin

    horadin Well-Known Member

    Lucky, I was at RS and the computer system was unbelievable slow, and the phone line was busy every time they called. They finally got through on the phone and waited on hold for half an hour.
  15. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Android Enthusiast

    My BB appt was at 3pm. There were other people trying to get activated, the web-based activation system was slow (2min per screen) but my guy was patient and I was out the door in 45 min.
  16. phearx

    phearx Member

  17. Michael.

    Michael. Newbie

    Oh don't worry, they tried to do call-in's but they couldn't even get through at the time I was there, or they'd be on hold for an hour.

    I'm just gonna go right at 10am and be the first one and get it over with. Let the systems have a night to rest.
  18. bwxd

    bwxd Newbie

    my bb appointment was 11am i was out at 1pm but it was worth it finally got my evo but also at my bestbuy in ny they had a promo free bluetooth but also the platinum case with holster and zagg full body for 30 bucks!
  19. JoshHuman

    JoshHuman Newbie

    Other than having to go to a different RS 6 blocks away to get my phone, the first was out, it went pretty decent. It did take a little while to get activated as for some reason the contract didn't renew correctly the first time so the price was coming up incorrectly. After a few calls my RS rep had it taken care of and I was back at work by 9, I left at 7:30.
  20. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    got one at RS this morning at 0830, took about 25 minutes. Went to BB to pick up my other preorder for the wife, took 3.5 hrs. i left the store without an activated phone, and my wife's old phone was deactivated for a good 4 hrs.

    finally got cust service (not the actual cust serv #, but the sales #; the only one that would answer) to try about 10 different things to finally get the phone activated. i had enough time to take a 30 second shower before going to work
  21. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

    7am no problem. I was done quickly. I went back to buy accessories around 4pm -forget it. They told me they would give me the deal tomorrow.
  22. phearx

    phearx Member

    I wish I would've gone to BB now :(, RS literally had near to nothing when it came to accessories for the EVO.
  23. bimmjo

    bimmjo Well-Known Member

    Well You all got the advantage of not having to mail in the rebate form ( which the Sprint Rep filled out for me and gave me an addressed envelope, no stamp )

    I went to work about 6:15 - drive by Spint store on the way, saw about 10 vehicles and 15 people waiting outside ( first showed up at 4:30 from what I heard )

    Get a break at work around 8:45, got to Sprint store at 9:05. Walked in, gave me a flyer saying I would get one. Waited about 15-20 min cause system was slow and about 5 people ahead of me. Snacked at the snack table, and had a bottle of water. Got to the counter took about 10 min and I was out the door with my Evo and Silocone case. Traded in my Hero, kept the battery, spares are always good.

    All in all I have to say it couldnt have worked better, glad I didnt have time to Preorder at BB or RS.
  24. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member

    Best Buy 9:30 am here.

    I was out in 20 minutes, feels good man.
  25. Drugs Delaney

    Drugs Delaney Newbie

    I have the phone now thanks to the sprint store on my work's block.

    BTW, the BB I'm talking about is the one in on E 44th st and 5th ave in manhattan.

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