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ever considered this? details inside!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Foehammer12, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Okay, so...about android games in general...
    they suck. Most android games either have good(ish) graphics with poor or repetitive gameplay, or simple graphics with simple gameplay. Or they're about managing an unrealistic base/country. But, my question is... why? Why are mobile games always so...bleh? Why not compromise, good gameplay with okay graphics?
    hear me out, because I may be onto something.
    okay, so, via the power of emulation, we have discovered that just about all android devices can handle 32 bit graphics incerdibly well. PSX emulators work perfectly, with very little to no graphical or audio glitches, and if there are any, its an emulator problem. Now, you may be saying "but 32 bit graphics aren't any good! No one would be interested!"
    well, whoever said that is wrong. Think of what awesome games there were on the playstation, from Metal Gear Solid, to Final Fantasy. Really great, fun games, with graphics that were fine for how the game played, which was pretty straight forward.
    Now, if you think 32 bit is a bit too... primitive, and won't attract any buyers, then how about 64 bit? Nintendo 64 emulators work fine on most android devices, you can test it yourself with Mupen64+AE. Think of all the great N64 games there were, from The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time to Perfect Dark.
    I don't get why no one will produce games with 32 or 64 bit graphics, they work fine for telling stories and getting points across, and make for easily recognisable characters and environments. Theres nothing wrong with them.
    Now, the only argument I can think of now is "but thats too many buttons! You can't have too many buttons on a small phone screen!"
    well, you see, phone functions can be used for games, like shaking your device. Plus, you don't need that many buttons, as some buttons can serve multiple uses depending on the situation, like, for instance, a button could cause your character to punch. Pressing that same button in front of a box, however, will cause your character to climb on top of the box. With only four buttons and a D-pad or joystick, you could make a great 32 or 64 bit game. For tablets, you could stick an extra few buttons, or even another joystick or D-pad. And, on touchscreens, you don't really need an extra joystick or D-pad since having an open area for touching is great for controlling a camera.
    this just an idea, but I really think someone should consider this.
    if you like it, if you think this is a great idea, promote it! Tell people, and post on other threads about it. I would pay money for a good, quality game on android.
    you can contact me by PM.
    if you need an app idea, or just want to get more details, send me an e-mail. I have another thread for an awesome stealth game plot, so you can contact me about that too.
    See you around, guys and gals.

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