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Evernote: Get your notes organized simply everywhere

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by seedubs13, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Note to self: get app that helps me remember? well? anything. I have had so many brilliant ideas lost forever from my brain, off scraps of paper, or just to the laziness of not recording them in any form. Evernote solves that problem like it was 2nd grade math.

    Evernote allows you to create text, voice, or picture notes from your Android device (it even lets you upload some types of files) for free. These notes are tag-able, searchable and retrievable from anywhere. Evernote for your computer is available for both Mac and PC. The free account comes with 40MB of uploading (500 MB for paid subscribers at $5/month or $45/year).

    One of the coolest features is the scanning of text within pictures. If you prefer to scribble notes you can just take a picture and upload the pic. As long as your penmanship is decent enough Evernote will make the text in that snapshot searchable. Or you could just take a picture of business card and have that information stored.

    If Google?s mission is to organize the world?s information, then Evernote?s mission should be to organize your information. Tags make finding things easy, but it?s all searchable if you get lazy. All in all, this mobile/desktop app makes you wonder how you can get it for free.

    Here?s the rundown:

    +It?s free
    +Voice/text/picture notes uploaded from anywhere
    +Searchable text from within pictures
    -Searchable transcription of voice notes would make this app perfect

    Reviewed on Droid running Android 2.1


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