Oct 22, 2014
I am just beginning with my app developing experience and I am having some major issues.

I am running on Windows 7. I have downloaded ADK, Eclipse, ADT Plugin (installed), and JDK. However, I am completely unable to run any emulators. And no, the issue isn't just that "I have a black screen and nothing is showing up". I mean that when I run my emulator and click "Start" literally nothing happens. I wait for 10+ minutes and absolutely nothing loads, no error message, nothing. Please tell me that I am missing something?

I have also tried Genymotion and every time I Start an AVD from there I at least get a loading bar but then after a few seconds it says "Player.exe has stopped working..." and it's basically a fatal error. I've tried quite a few different types of AVDs with different APIs and versions and devices. Does anyone know why I am unable to run any AVDs?