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Everyone Share their experiences with their new Evo... Or why they dont have the Evo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lewi3069, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. lewi3069

    lewi3069 Member
    Thread Starter

    Let us know how you like it, any issues your having, what you have done so far, why you don't have one yet (if this apply). Have you rooted? and anything else I missed. I have had my evo for the past 2 weeks and want to know how everyone else feels about it.

  2. tranceFusion

    tranceFusion Android Enthusiast

    I am waiting to see how bad the "My ___ freezes up", "The battery sucks", and "Call quality stinks" threads are..
  3. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert

    It's so beautiful and fast

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  4. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    another 2.5hrs for me before it's in my hands!
    got to hold a co-workers though. something happened to his screen and he's having to take it back. he thinks it's because of the screen protector and applicator he had to use to put the screen protector on.
  5. jmxp69

    jmxp69 Well-Known Member

    Non-corporate store took pre-orders, but didn't open till 9am. I showed up at 8:30, walked to the door at 8:40 and was first in line. Walked out at 9:30 with 5 other people behind me and the phone ringing off the hook.

    They even undercharged me by $25. I tried to show them the error, but they said "don't worry about it." Gonna be a fun EVO day!
  6. Jordus

    Jordus Android Enthusiast

    another hour and half for me. I had to visit a couple clients first this morning.
  7. New Jersey

    New Jersey Member

    i got mine at 730
    problem free.
    also picked one up for my brother.
    i am actually not let down one bit!

    now- where can i get a window mount to make the nav function more useful??
  8. bpcooper14

    bpcooper14 Newbie

    Walked in the store at 8:00. I was the only one in there from the time i arrived until I left. Had donuts, bsed with the employees. We are in a small town and I didn't figure there would be a mad dash this morning. :) So far i'm stoked. it's definitely BIG but not massive or unweildy.
  9. jloyac1

    jloyac1 Newbie

    Let's see, got to Sprint @ 700, they were opening @ 800. Two people sitting in their cars waiting so I was number 3. By the tine they let us in there were about 15 people. Went in activated, paid and was the first one out with an evo. Not a damn complaint so far, much better than my bb curve
  10. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    i'll be honest, i'm a little overwhelmed; i don't know what to do first!

    i think i'm gonna head out to BB and use the preorder i have there to grab my wife one. she'll be some pissed i'm spending all this money, but...video chat...c'mon.
  11. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

  12. hookem12387

    hookem12387 Member

    I can't send freaking text messages for some reason. That sucks
  13. somnambulus

    somnambulus Member

    I picked four Evos this morning at 5AM. There was no line. Actually, the RS guy drove over to the Sprint store where there was a long axe line and brought customers to RS with him. It was kind of funny. Anyways, I installed Bodyguardz on all of the phones and will play with them I get back from work.
  14. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert

    I got mine, it's charging, and I haven't even turned it on yet.
  15. shawheim_a

    shawheim_a Android Enthusiast

    i just got mine and im loading it up with my fave apps. i love this beast!
  16. bigcrab

    bigcrab Lurker

  17. Ky1e.YC

    Ky1e.YC Member

    got mine around 0600, fired it up to check everything good in the store, then turn it off to charge till now. will have it try since porting at the same time this morning from TMo. So far, the weight, the size, no complaints at all.
  18. charlottenian

    charlottenian Newbie

    I like it.... I like it a lot....
  19. rfss

    rfss Newbie

    I don't have my EVO because I'm the idiot who mistakenly believed that EVP might have it in my hand today. I haven't even gotten the ship notification yet. :mad:
  20. gt1562b

    gt1562b Lurker

    Arrived at the corporate Sprint store around 7:30am and was 15th in line... lots of people ahead of me were getting 2 or more EVOs but this store got like 200 in so not an issue.

    They opened up at 8am and by then there was probably 30 people in line. They let half of us in and they had a lcd with your name and what order you where in and you could just wander around, get some refreshments and play with the 2 display units.

    Actual phone purchase and activation didn't take too long but they then transition you too another line to get information on the phone and transfer contacts and that line took forever and honestly wasn't worth it.

    I do have 4G coverage at my house (barely) and seem to get DSL like speeds here. Really stoked to figure this phone out as it is my first foray into Android.
  21. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    Still about 7 hours aways from getting my phone. The RS by me wanted to open up at 7am, (which would have given me time to get it before work), but the Mall (Bridgewater Commons in NJ) won't let them, so they can't let anybody in until 9:30. Must kind of suck for the employees, since they found out last night, and I'm sure the schedules were made already. (Perhaps its good for them, I guess it depends on if they prefer the two hours of pay for easy work, or the extra sleep).

    Just to rub it in, I got a call from Best Buy this morning saying there is a phone for me (I was wait listed so I preordered at Radio Shack after), but I got the message too late to get there before work. Just called Best Buy up to tell them to release the Pre-order so some walk in could buy it. I'd hate for somebody to be turned away because I was inconsiderate.
  22. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    meh. best buy just called me. I had a appointment at 1pm, but they said sprint activation was down or some crap and rescheduled me for 4:30.
  23. bhagiratha

    bhagiratha Member

    Picked-up my EVO at 6am on the dot at my local RS in Brooklyn [store # 01-2884].
    I haven't played with it, but this phone is just amazing gorgeous!!!

    Right now am at work, and wishing I could go back home and sleep. Nonetheless, it was well worth the effort. The RS staff were very nice and they were happy to see us come in for the phone, even got a hug from the store manager. -;) ... well maybe because I brought her coffee and donuts for the staff.

    Good times !!!
  24. skpd

    skpd Android Enthusiast

    I had an issue with text msg. sent a few to my wife then all of the sudden I couldn't type anymore. the keys would not register into the message field in the text msg app. would work on email but not on txt msg. I did a power off of the phone, restarted and it works now...

  25. skpd

    skpd Android Enthusiast

    hm, the perks of getting in early. even though it took them 45 minutes to get me out the door starting at 7 am, I have my EVO up and running

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