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Everything covered Text App

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by IceDroid, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. IceDroid

    IceDroid Lurker
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    Hello Everyone,
    Long time reader First time poster. Sry, Couldn't help myself.
    Picked up a At&t v10 from At&t S3. On the S3 I didn't use the Samsung text app I went with the "At&t Messenges" app. I liked it for the reason it covered everything. If I made a call..it was listed, missed a call..listed, text,pictures it was all there. Problem is that app is not compatible. Really sucky thing was, I went into the store to have everything transferred, and because it wasn't compatible. They went with the Samsung text and I lost the last 3 months of texts and calls logs. (let me take a breath), They used the At&t mobile share and 2 other apps trying to save it. To no avail. SO now I am getting over that (somewhat), and looking for a text app that has all these things on it.
    I was also told by the CS that If I removed the At&t mobile to mobile app, I will lose all the texts that have been transferred. Is this really true?
    Thanks for any and all the help You can give.

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  2. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

  3. IceDroid

    IceDroid Lurker
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    I went threw the Play store and the app wouldn't`t even pull up. So I went via the interweb to get it. Came up with it not being compatible.
    Looking at the page and reading this "If you get a new smartphone that supports AT&T Messages", maybe the V10 just doesn't support it

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