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EVO 4G back cover does not fit perfectly?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stinkyz, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. stinkyz

    stinkyz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone else have a problem with the back cover not being a perfect fit? I think it's a tiny bit too big or something... one of the edges pops up. Looking at it from the back, the right edge of the cover pops up about 0.6 millimeter. I can manage to push it down, but the edge on the other side would pop up instead to compensate. Eventually it would settle again, and the same right edge would pop up.

    The cover is definitely on firmly, and all the latches inside are popped in properly. It's secure enough that it does not feel like the cover will come off by accident. I've tried removing the cover several times and closing again but still have this problem. I've also removed the battery. The cover is just a bit too wide for the phone itself.

    I got the Best Buy Black Tie protection... I'm not sure if what is essentially a cosmetic issue is eligible for a replacement. I thought i could just live with it, but this blemishes what is otherwise the perfect phone experience for me. It just bugs me a bit whenever I hold this beautiful phone but feel the back edge popped up and not flush. I'm wondering if this is an issue with everyone else and whether i just have to live with it. Perhaps i can try purchasing another cover because this is a minor factory defect isolated to my cover... i really hope it's a not a weird manufacturing defect of the actual phone itself. That would bite.

    I love this phone so much...

  2. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    Mines seems fine
  3. Aragorn

    Aragorn Well-Known Member

    stinkyz: I have the exact same issue. Annoying but not a dealbreaker for me.
  4. blake247

    blake247 Well-Known Member

    Yup...I have the same issue on both of my Evos.
  5. stinkyz

    stinkyz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just tried something that seems to help partially. I suspect that the back cover just has trouble maintaining its curved shape and therefore gets wider when it's flattened. This causes it to become slightly wider than the base so it squeezes out at the sides, making the edge popup.

    So I took a paper napkin and folded into 8-plies, resulting in a rectangle that is just about the size of the battery. I laid this on top of the battery and put the cover back on. It cushions the battery and pushes back out against the center of the back cover, forcing an arch and creating the curve that i think it naturally wants. Voila -- this results in a 0.3 improvement in the popped edge. It's not perfect, but it's a little less annoying.

    Try it out and see if it works for you.

    This may all be moot if I ever put a case over this baby anyways. I always had my old iphone 3g encased in a hard shell and thought this phone was going to be different, especially since i got the Best Buy insurance... but i might change my mind sometime and throw a hard case over this too. I'm tempted slight by the fancy colors of the seidio shells.
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  6. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    I'm suspecting every EVO probably has it. you'll get some people on here that'll say your nuts and there's fits better then a brand new white jockey v neck T Shirt....lol...There just not as anal as some of us...HTC deffinitly dropped the ball when creating battery covers for the incredible and EVO. Both are going to get semi loose over time....booooo, stuff like that drives me nuts.
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  7. blake247

    blake247 Well-Known Member

  8. stinkyz

    stinkyz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If anyone gets a chance to try my napkin "hack", please let me know how it works out for you.

    For the sake of disclosure, I hereby attest that I am not a napkin company rep :)
  9. DJMatthews33

    DJMatthews33 Newbie

    I am a sprint rep so part of my job when I activate your sweet new phone is too put the battery in your phone....after the first couple phones I noticed that if i did not start from the bottom of the phone (ie. down by kickstand) that I would have that same issue of non-perfect fit with sides popping out. I would have said the issue is probably that you were probably one of my first few evo customers :p but since none of you look to be in the Austin area I think were safe. Hit thanks if that helps I just joined yesterday and could use some street cred!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. Yea mine is a little gappy on the top end corners. HOWEVER the Incredible back fits and looks much worse. HTC really needs to do a better job on fit and finish on there handsets. All there handsets have a "beta" look about them.
  11. marriedman624

    marriedman624 Member

    I got two EVOs and my battery cover fits perfectly, but my wife's pops up on the right side as well. I noticed it the other day and tried to remove the cover and put it back on, didn't help. Also, I started from the bottom and worked my way up but the issue is still present.
  12. ayman86

    ayman86 Member

    im glad to know others have the same thing. now i have no need to worry about it
  13. IPvFletch

    IPvFletch Android Enthusiast

    Crazy! Mine fits great, but I like the idea of storing a spare napkin in there "just in case"! :D (sorry couldn't resist!!)
  14. MrX8503

    MrX8503 Android Enthusiast

    You're not crazy man. I'm about the most anal phone user you'll ever meet. If something is off by 1/10 a mm, I will notice.

    The problem is that HTC is notorious for kinda, well, not paying that much attention to the back cover. The entire line of HTC Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, has back door problems. With fitment issues, creaking and what not.

    Its quite unfortunate that the King of Android phones still has that back door problem. To the poster who suggested the napkin fix, thats quite funny because I remember way back people suggest putting strips of scotch tape on the inside of their Touch Pro's back door.

    Its pretty annoying that HTC still hasn't addressed this, but over time I just ignore it.
  15. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Mine is annoying the crap out of me...
  16. dodgeram02

    dodgeram02 Newbie

    LOL I just posted the same damn thing earlier..mine does the same thing on the right side..I am going to be putting an Siedio innocase on it anyway..so I guess it wont matter then...beside that the rest of the phones seems fine..I did notice that the screen has a redish washed out tint to it..i have seen like 4 of these phone were i work at..an they are all the same..I really wish they could have used a better screen..but ohwell..I just have to get used to this BIG ASS SCREEN..damn
  17. freeza

    freeza Android Enthusiast

    luckily for me, mine is flawless
  18. ktulu909

    ktulu909 Newbie

    Interestingly enough Ive had the Touch(2 of them),TP(3 of them),TP2(2 of them) ,and now the evo and they all fit perfectly.
  19. deepwat3r

    deepwat3r Lurker

    Well I tried the "napkin hack" because I'm also anal enough to be bothered by the fit of the back cover, and it WORKS.

    It's not perfect but it's good enough that I'm not constantly irritated by it. Thanks!
  20. stinkyz

    stinkyz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Glad it worked for you!

    I upgraded my napkin-mod further, and am using 6-plies now. It seems to create an even better fit. At this point the entire right side is flush against the main phone body, with the exception of the top right corner still having a tiny bit of give when you press it. You can't visibly see a mis-fit there, but it's very subtle when you press against it.

    Of course 6-plies applies only to the brand of paper napkin I use. You may require more or less folds.

    To think that I almost took my Dremel to this.

    I would take a picture of this mod with my EVO and post it here for directions, but that's proving to be a bit challenging. Need to discover a different napkin-hack for that one.
  21. hayj

    hayj Member

    Mine has the same issue and I thought there might be a chance I see this thread pop up. I'm tempted with the napkin hack but a bit concerned about heat and a paper product in the case. I wonder if this could mold it back into shape so the napkin doesn't have to be permanent. Anybody removed the napkin to see if it stays?
  22. some.devil

    some.devil Android Enthusiast

    I can't say I notice the .6mm blemish when there is a 4.3" screen on the other side.
  23. hayj

    hayj Member

    Well that worked. The napkin made everything perfectly flush. Thanks for that. Just wondering if there's a better, permanent solution, specifically a different material.
  24. steveo24

    steveo24 Newbie

    i had the same problem. got it rs, then took it right over to sprint and they went in the back and gave me a new back cover that fit perfectly. they didnt even run my info or anything, so u might wanna give that a try;)
  25. nx25

    nx25 Well-Known Member

    You've had multiple versions of each phone... I guess the back cover was the ONLY thing that was perfect about them.

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