Help Evo 4G Taking Video


Does anybody else get some terrible, terrible quality when recording video on their Evo? Audio, video, it all turns out terrible. Not what I would expect from such a top-tier phone. The iPhone 4 blows it out of the water.

For me, I can't even play the videos in Windows Media Player- I'll get video but no audio. I have to use Quicktime.

Is this a problem for everyone? I would think so, right?



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not sure what is wrong with yours, but mine is great. however, i am rooted. but i do not think that has any issue here. it might be hardware issue. maybe you should have it looked at.


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A lot has to do with ISO. Outside, in good light, the video quality is excellent. Indoors, in poor light, the quality sucks. That's the nature of tiny, microscopic sensors...terrible low light capability.

The videos should be .3GP format so you need a player that works with that format. My WM Player works with my files. You can also try VLC which is an excellent, free video player.

This is a video I shot in daylight and it's pretty darn good for a phone: