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I just rooted my phone using the method here: How to Root Your HTC EVO 4G (with OTA Gingerbread Update)

So that I am prepared in advance and not pulling my hair out later, what would be the method to undo this so if the time comes, I can send my phone to Sprint without any problems? I didn't install any custom ROMS (least, I don't think I did), all I wanted to do was unlock the ability to use my phone as a hotspot. This is the only reason I wanted to root.

I am guessing that I need just get S-ON again. Do I just use "PC36IMG" from the SD? I couldn't find information with undoing the above method and wanted to hear straight from those experienced.



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UNROOTING consists of 2 steps. Getting S-ON and getting a stock ROM & Recovery

We have one of the most complete rooting guides around.

I would highly suggest you read everything in the first posts.

Straight from the guide:
yay! i have s-off but what if i need to get my phone serviced? or i hate all this rooting business and i want to go back to my boring gingerbread phone. how do i get s-on?

to get s-on this
2.rename the file by deleting the numbers so that it is only PC36IMG and do not add any zip to the name as windows hides extensions.
3.transfer the zip file to the root of the sd card.
4.power off (make sure that fastboot is turned off) then press and hold power+vol down.
5.hboot should scan for it. select yes to update.
6.reboot your phone

next we need to get a stock rom and stock recovery this file:PC36IMG_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.53.651.1_Radio_
8.rename the file to PC36IMG. again make sure that you do not add a zip as windows hides extensions.
9.connect your phone via usb to the pc and transfer the file over to the root of the sd card. also delete the previous PC36IMG file. make sure that you do not get the two files mixed up as they will be named the same.
10.power off then press and hold power+vol down.
11.hboot should see the file and will ask you to update, select yes.
12.verify that you have s-on by going to the hboot screen.

if you have s-on then congrats you are now unrooted!

you can also use this ruu:[ROM]RUU_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.53.651.1_Radio_2.15 .00.0808_NV_2.15_releaseto get you the latest ota stock rom and stock recovery. just connect the phone via usb and run the exe file on your computer.

Personally, I prefer the RUU method to get stock ROM and recovery back on the phone


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Thanks for the super fast reply.

Will this revert back to stock ROM with everything intact (aps/settings) or will it wipe the phone like it were new? No big deal with the latter, just wondering so I know what to expect.