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Evo 4g

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by wolfus, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. wolfus

    wolfus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    While all of you are upgrading to the 3vo, I'll just be happy snagging an original EVO. So if anyone wants to sell to a human rather than a store, hit me up


  2. brewers

    brewers Newbie

    i have two for sale. one rooted and one not...
  3. bkinsman

    bkinsman Lurker

    My work switched to Verizon, so I am looking to sell my Evo. It is about 5 months old and in great shape. I will throw in chargers and HDMI dock. $180
  4. camdz

    camdz Member

    Ive got one that is in great shape. Comes with 3 OEM HTC batteries, an HTC white battery door (phone is black and comes with a black door), Otterbox Commuter case, various gel and snap on cases, charger, and of course the box and manuals.

    Id like $240 for everything.

    Edit-Its currently rooted, but I can change that if you prefer.
  5. wolfus

    wolfus Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Wow - I guess I didn't realize how much they're going for on the board. Literally one penny from Amazon Wireless now, I just don't want to burn my upgrade since I think I may just hold out for the Photon.

    I was hoping just to find someone who was going to do the $100 trade in and offer the same price. Oh well.
  6. camdz

    camdz Member

    Radio shack was offering me $158 for my EVO at trade in. I just didnt want to get burned on all the accessories I have for it. Id have no use for them, and its always harder to sell them separately. I forgot I also have the OEM HTC car dock as well. Feel free to make an offer.
  7. JoePT

    JoePT Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately that's not how used phones work. Sure, the phone you'd be getting isn't the latest and greatest, but there is no contract renewal required by buying used. So, used phones go for more (not retail, of course, but more than it'd cost to upgrade via signing a new agreement with the wireless company).

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