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evo available now on sprint.com

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by amit84, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. amit84

    amit84 Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. marctronixx


    happy new year!
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  3. Aldo Junior Ao2

    Aldo Junior Ao2 Android Enthusiast

    Sad but i placed my order on sprint i have to work for 5 tomorrow. AHHH but all purchased and should have it by Saturday. Yippee
  4. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Android Enthusiast

    IT IS NOW.... NATIONAL EVO DAY!!! woohooooo :)
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  5. ICU812

    ICU812 Newbie

    I just orderd 4!!! Woo Hoo!!!
  6. Aldo Junior Ao2

    Aldo Junior Ao2 Android Enthusiast

    Your order was placed on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 11:11 PM CDT. You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your changes, but also print a copy of this page for your records.

    Am i the first. Go Aldo its your birthday!!!! Did it leave the warehouse yet?
  7. shox

    shox Newbie

    I got mine i'm happy got the bodyglove protector too. I'm getting charged a $5 spending limit program charge but its cool, I didn't pay a deposit. Here's what I read...


    Here's what the January, 2010 Sprint bill says:

    Spending Limit Program Charge
    Effective 01/10/10, Sprint will charge a
    monthly fee of $4.99 on all spending limit
    accounts. The charge will be imposed on the
    account only and not on each line. The fee is
    waived for accounts enrolled in autopay. For
    info. on fees & your rights, see Terms &
    Conditions at sprint.com/termsandconditions.

    So PAYING customers, who DON'T WANT to enroll in Auto-Pay, will pay an extra $4.99 a month. What a great way to punish customers who pay their bills!

    Customer Service says you can "graduate from this program if you've been a customer for at least 18 months and have at least 12 months of displayed responsible payment history."

    They didn't say anything about this when I switched from AT&T 6 months ago............. so I can pay Sprint $4.99 a month for 12 months, or $59.88, just as a punishment for paying my bills on line, but not using their auto-pay.

    This has got to be one of the more idiotic ideas I've heard.

    Please, if anyone else is angry about this absurb fee, send a post. Maybe if enough people complain, they'll drop this ridiculous idea.

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  8. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Mine is ordered woohooo... 224.49 total with 250.00 instant rebate!
  9. phyl0x

    phyl0x Newbie

  10. suprmallet

    suprmallet Android Enthusiast

    Ordered mine using the studentrate.com promo, got $50 off my first bill, waived activation fee, free overnight shipping, will be getting a $25 check back from studentrate, and 15% off service.

    I also noticed this account spending limit thing. Guess I'll enroll in autopay to get rid of it, but that's a pretty lame thing to do to people.

    Also, did anyone notice how they say your first bill will contain a pro-rated bill (from the start of service to the end of the current month) plus ALL of next month's bill? That's not something I've seen before either.

    On the plus side, as I was buying the phone a co-worker came in, saw me placing the order, and asked me how much I wanted for my Droid, since he's on Verizon. Sold it to him on the spot for $100 (I probably could have gotten more, but he's a good guy and is on a budget).
  11. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    I noticed this a couple months ago but I've been too lazy to call and complain... But I'm sure with enough moaning they'll give you a credit for the year...
  12. shox

    shox Newbie

    I'm not bothered after I realized what the charge was. I would have ended up paying more if they wanted a deposit but at least I would have gotten that back thought it's cool autopay is the way to go. I CAN SLEEP LIKE NO JOKE! The day it arrives.... I can't even speak right now. =>
  13. mx7

    mx7 Well-Known Member

    Wirefly.com is offering this phone for $169.99 without any mail in rebates, with an additional $50 Bing cash back.
  14. Yari00

    Yari00 Newbie

    how did you get $250 of instant rebate if i may ask. Mines was $150 instant rebate and $100 mail in rebate
  15. dohmai

    dohmai Member


    Order processing!
  16. acuracing

    acuracing Member

  17. Are you guys getting confirmation of when it will arrive? Sprint told me just because you order it, doesnt mean it will be shipped that day or even that week. It needs to be in stock.
  18. suprmallet

    suprmallet Android Enthusiast

    My email said 2-4 business days.
  19. phyl0x

    phyl0x Newbie

    my order status has no status info as of now...id imagine we'll find out more once that gets going, anyone have past experience?
  20. sh4o8kid

    sh4o8kid Well-Known Member

    Shipping: You should receive your order in 2-4 business days. You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order has been shipped.
  21. phyl0x

    phyl0x Newbie

    earliest we could get it is monday...gonna be a long wait!
  22. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Ahh sorry should have explained. Business accounts don't have to deal with the Mail in Rebates. We get the 100.00 as an instant rebate
  23. dandm4life

    dandm4life Android Enthusiast

    the white case is on there for anyone interested
  24. phyl0x

    phyl0x Newbie

    i work tomorrow, so i should be sleeping, but i keep refreshing my order status expecting it to at least give me something...i should just sleep :(
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  25. sh4o8kid

    sh4o8kid Well-Known Member

    You're not alone.. i'm doing the exact same thing.
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