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EVO Bluetooth Car Integration Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by septro, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. septro

    septro Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Figured I start this to get folk's perspective on what cars work well with the EVO in terms of bluetooth integration. If you have success or not pairing your phone, let us know. I'll kick it off:

    08 BMW 335 - Handsfree works great with all options. Simple as all get-out to pair. Phonebook imported easily and caller-ID info passes fine for incoming calls. Transfering to-from bluetooth to handset back to bluetooth worked without issue. BMW doesn't support A2DP or SMS profiles on the 3 series unfortunately.

    07 Acura MDX - Handsfree works great. Real clear calls but the pairing process hurts my brain just thinking about it. Even though it says to put your phone in 'Discovery Mode', you have to do the opposite and 'Scan for Devices' on the EVO for it to work. Phonebook will not import no matter what I tried the first time around. You have to attempt multiple times until you get a notification area authorization request on the EVO and after you click 'Allow' it will import the phonebook the next time around (its an Acura thing honestly). AcuraLink does not work at all.

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  2. Remento

    Remento Lurker

    I got it to work with my 2006 Acura TSX. The TSX shows signal strength and battery level.

    On the HTC Evo, set Bluetooth to scan for devices while the car is in pairing mode. (Voice Control:"Phone Setup":"Pair":"enter code") The car is added to the list of Bluetooth devices on the Evo, you then select it. The Evo never asked for the 4 digit code entered into the car.

    You may have to scroll down on the Evo to see that it found the car, it took me a few attempts before I noticed this! :p
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  3. SeauxCrazy

    SeauxCrazy Android Enthusiast

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS: All good here, connected and found the system without a problem. Call quality is just as good as my iPhone, if not better :)
  4. Eguy

    Eguy Android Enthusiast

    I have a Pioneer headunit (It has Parrot BT) and everything works great except my phone book is sorted last name, first name which is a pain for voice dialing. Anyone else have that problem?
  5. hitekalex

    hitekalex Well-Known Member

  6. LS1

    LS1 Well-Known Member

    Pioneer Avic D3 - connected seamelessly for calling and bluetooth audio. Hellooo Pandora in the car.
  7. AdamBlue

    AdamBlue Newbie

    Cheap Dual Head Unit in '02 Ford Ranger

    My 8801, N95, w880i, w790i, and HTC Hero would all Bluetooth A/V fine through my stereo unit for streaming music.

    I cannot get the Evo to. The devices pair up fine, but the stereo does not go into A/V mode to play music. Thoughts?
  8. Hairydawg75

    Hairydawg75 Newbie

    Same problem for me. Still haven't found a fix for it.
  9. STLEVOFan

    STLEVOFan Newbie

    I cannot get my Evo to connect with my 08 Prius. I get the "Paired but not connected" prompt.
  10. h2_hummer

    h2_hummer Newbie

    Anyone try their EVO with a Scosche Bluefusion kit?

  11. Zellster

    Zellster Newbie

    2009 Acura TL with Tech/AWD package. Battery indicated doesn't work and neither did the AcuraLink server hookup but everything else is good. Audio controls work and the HandsFree voice quality is fine enough.
  12. denise1768

    denise1768 Well-Known Member

    2008 Infiniti G35.. sound quality is better than my bb curve.

  13. K-Kay

    K-Kay Lurker

    2010 Infiniti FX35 - pairs quickly, sound quality is great, music starts to play fast as well. I always experienced a lag between pairing and when I could play my music with the TP.

    Signal strength indicator works well, but I don't see the battery indicator. I used to see it with the TP.

    Call quality is good too. Switching from bluetooth to handset and back works well. I can't recall if it brought in my phonebook and how quickly it did that. The TP always took a while. But I have over 250+ contacts so that could be why. I will have to check that.....

    **First post!***
  14. MisterB

    MisterB Well-Known Member

    '07 Audi A6. Seems to work great. I haven't tried the phone book yet.
  15. MisterB

    MisterB Well-Known Member

    How does pandora in the car work? Can you stream it through your speakers over Bluetooth with the car's Bluetooth phone system, or do you have to buy some other sort of thing to make it work?
  16. 101mph62

    101mph62 Newbie

    2007 Cadillac Escalade, works great no probs here.
  17. AdamBlue

    AdamBlue Newbie

    I fixed the problem; hopefully this would be helpful for others:

    I went into bluetooth options and went to services for the device. Media was already checked, but I deselected it, then selected it again. AV Mode was then activated.
  18. signey

    signey Newbie

    Got mine to work on my Acura Tl' 07 :D
  19. hypnotoad76

    hypnotoad76 Lurker

    I was able to pair the phone no problem but it took a few tries to finally sync the phone book.

    Once it synced the phone book I did find a few issues:
    If you have just a company name it will only show the phone number instead.
    If you put the company name in the name field then it tries to display it as last name, first name.
    Some contacts show duplicate entries for some numbers in the contact information but not on the phone or in google contacts.
    It always syncs the All Contacts group and there is no way to select to sync only certain groups. (This seems to be a limitation of the HTC People app since the stock Contacts app allows this.)
  20. whjacobs

    whjacobs Lurker

    I have the same problem with 2010 Prius, but have been able to pair with a Garmin Nuvi 660.
  21. BigHAZE

    BigHAZE Well-Known Member

    2008 Mercedes Benz C350 - Everything works great...no problems.
  22. LS1

    LS1 Well-Known Member

    The head unit has separate screens and profiles for headset usage (incar speakerphone), and audio playback. It syncs up under both BT profiles. Pandora streams over bluetooth, but does not interrupt functionality of the speakerphone. If a call comes in, it pauses Pandora, and switches to the call. Switches back and resumes when the call is ended.
  23. dkswim

    dkswim Lurker

    08 Acura RDX w/nav
    paired fine after reading this thread and seeing i had to scan for devises. only issue I have with is I can't initiate phone call on my cell I need to use hands free link to initiate the call over bluetooth which is a pain in the butt when I dont have any numbers saved in my car.
  24. hmeaders

    hmeaders Newbie

    2010 Kia Soul

    Walked out of RS Friday sat in my and paired the phone to my car system. Everything worked great just like it did with my LG lotus.
  25. wdimagineer

    wdimagineer Lurker

    I created my own thread but will add here. I have a VW CC with Bluetooth. The phone pairs fine and makes/receives calls fine.

    When it comes to downloading the phonebook to the car entries are missing. It'll sync some but not all. Every iPhone and BlackBerry I've ever owned never had an issue, so I know I'm not hitting any limit with the car.

    Then, once I go to dial, the call fails. I've determined that any number I dial from the car's phonebook with dashes in the number fails. Number appears as 123-456-7890 but the phone dials 123589, etc. It fails and I get the lovely Sprint recording. Manually dialing from the car without dashes works fine.

    This is a big deal for me. I know it's not the module in the car because I've also confirmed this on the N1, Droid, Hero and now the EVO. I think 2.2 fixes it, but I don't have a N1 with 2.2 and don't really know how to try and shoehorn it on to my EVO.

    Any ideas?

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