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EVO Camera not working

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by certifiedfryguy, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. certifiedfryguy

    Thread Starter

    Used my camera this morning, then i went to use it again this afternoon and something seemed to have stopped it from working properly between then and now.

    With both the camera and camcorder all i get is this transparent purple/pinkish color. I dont know anything about cameras but is there something wrong with the lens?

    YouTube - HTC Evo camera not functioning properly

  2. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    I had this before, seemed to happen for about a day. Somebody suggested I download a camera app to see if the screen looked like that on the other app as well. By the time I got the app installed, the colors were gone from the stock camera app anyway, so I couldn't tell what the problem was.

    I think perhaps it was an overheating issue. The same day this happened, my phone wouldn't charge in the car due to overheating, I have no way to verify if that is the case though.

    My original thread: http://androidforums.com/htc-evo-4g/144359-camera-display-acting-strange.html
  3. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    The pictures in my original thread are a little off, but before I got to post them, the screen was purple-er than that. That was almost two weeks ago, haven't had the problem since.
  4. certifiedfryguy

    Thread Starter

    i just tried downloading FX camera. Same problem.

    I just completely wiped my phone a few days ago and i'm not looking forward to having to do it again.
  5. JoshUng

    JoshUng Well-Known Member

    I didn't have to wipe my phone, it just "went away." Hope that happens for you too. I'd guess just bring it in to a tech if you have one nearby. The one by me isn't that close, and the problem resolved itself before I had a chance to go.
  6. certifiedfryguy

    Thread Starter


    It took 6 days but my camera went back to normal. Still worrysome tho that this can happen. I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks beginning of next month and i would hate to have this happen then so i just may replace the phone anyway.

    Problem is that I have a white phone and best buy can only send the phone out for repair instead of exchanging it since i'm past my 30 day mark.
  7. txzookeeper

    txzookeeper Lurker

    My Evo has been doing the purple thing, too. It happens randomly, but other problems happen too.Sometimes the picture on the screen is just clearly not quite where I was pointing, and at other times the photo produced its clearly crooked. Sprint reset my phone which lost all my apps and changed all my settings. The camera worked long enough for the sprint folks to tell me it was fixed. Of course it's back to purple again, but not all the time. Unless there's an easier way I'm going to take photos of my app organization and settings before I walk in there again.

    Has anyone else heard of this? other than this camera problem I love my evo.
  8. davijpap

    davijpap Lurker

    my Evo camera and camcorder keep doing the same thing but i managed to capture a picture of it and Im going to go get mine replaced today:eek::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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  9. tomplatz

    tomplatz Lurker

    I have the EXACT same problem. I think it must be a hardware problem. I've run stock, rooted and tried different ROMs, all with the same problem. Clearing the cache seems to make it run for about 10 seconds normally then it goes all funny again. Think I'm going to have to replace the phone too.
  10. Bporter627

    Bporter627 Lurker

    I just recently had this same problem. After deciding it was a hardware issue (front camera was normal and other camera apps showed discolored images), I tried the only thing I could think of -- physical force, applying pressure to the lens. I don't know why but it worked. After about three days of purpleness and many calls to sprint and best buy techs, my camera works fine. I literally just pushed the lens as hard as I could.
  11. filmaker

    filmaker Lurker

    Omg, thanks you just saved me a trip to the repair center. I tried pressing it, because I was experiencing the same issue, and it worked! Hmm..wonder what caused it?
  12. minieod

    minieod Lurker



    i was getting ready to bring my moms rooted evo back to the sprint store for TEP

    i just pushed it down, a second later....all good

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  13. _Epic

    _Epic Well-Known Member

    On the Evo, it is a known issue that the camera will pop out of place. I know it sounds weird. But applying pressure to the lens or having a repair center reinsert it will fix the issue.
  14. TimF

    TimF Lurker

    _Epic, is this an issue for both the Evo 4G and the Evo 3d? The OP referenced the 4G, but I have the 3D and have experienced the same issue.
  15. sowilo

    sowilo Lurker

    Thank you so much for posting the fix. I had the exact same problem on my Evo after having my screen replaced and was on my way to the sprint store with a 4 hour wait to even have it looked at. I pressed the lens for about a minute and now my colors are back.
  16. subramanyamn

    subramanyamn Lurker

    Thanks a ton, Bporter627 ! :)

    Same issue on my HTC Desire. Unnecessarily performed a factory reset!

    Pushed the lens an mm inwards and it works like a charm. No tech support would help you with this solution. :D

    Thanks again!
  17. kellyh

    kellyh Lurker

    AMAZING!!! I had downloaded several new apps and thought that was the cause. I was thinking of resetting my phone, but did a search and came across this forum. Absolutely right! Pressure to the lens immediately corrected the problem. When I read the comment from the guy where the front camera work properly and the regular camera did not, I realized he was right....a hardware problem. Thank u sooo much for the tip. Saved a lot of time & trouble. :)
  18. abd2003

    abd2003 Lurker

    Pushing down solidly on the lens fixed mine too! WOOWOO! Must have been the one of many times I have dropped it! Thank you!!
  19. habibimike

    habibimike Lurker

    I don't know what you all are talking about but this is really messed up! no amount of "pushing" on leans did anything....This is not a minor issue, can't take pics, share, facebook, skype, real time etc....I am going back to sprint store but this does not bode well for the future 'cause I really liked the phone and if able to get another what would prevent this from happening again, it is almost a certainty!
  20. jubi23

    jubi23 Lurker

    must say, i was skeptical of 'just pushing down' but it worked lol!
    I just bought the evo off a guy for mad cheap because of that problem!
  21. mduquaine

    mduquaine Lurker

    I just had to chime in (with my first post nonetheless) to confirm this as a WIN and to say thanks. This definitely did the trick. I will be more careful now. I was clumsy and dropped my phone. It will NOT happen again. :D
  22. F.L.A.M.z

    F.L.A.M.z Newbie

    Had the same problem. Pushing the lens worked for me. Thanks dude!
  23. mojeez

    mojeez Lurker

    Thanks Bporter, I tried the only thing you thought of -- physical force, applying pressure to the lens. I don't know why but it worked. My camera works fine. I literally just pushed the lens as hard as I could.
  24. amclean

    amclean Lurker

    Mine just stopped working this am. Went black when trying to use the stock app or any other camera apps. Pushing on the lense did nothing...
    Anybody experiencing the "black screen"?
  25. kat69

    kat69 Lurker

    Iv had this phone for a little over a week now and my camera screen has just fine black and wont let me get into my camera! I jus read that sum1 else is having this problem...if u get it sorted tell me how :)

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