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EVO exchange or wait? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by way2success, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Jun 1, 2010

    Jun 1, 2010
    Just got the EVO June 30, so 2 more weeks to go for the 30 days worry-free warranty. My first smartphone ever, so excuse my lingo. I have never repaired, returned or exchanged any phones before, so wanted some of your ideas, suggestions and expertise to help me and benefit others too.

    EVO - Hardware 0003, Novatec screen, No device warranty. I love my EVO a lot. There are a couple of hiccups and wanted your opinion based on your experience/knowledge. My volume buttons are a little squeaky but they function fine and work better with the EVO gel cover. The headset jack is a little unstable when I take my headsets out (some kind of noise in my headsets, may be loose connection around the headset jack area). I can live with these two issues but please do suggest if they are going to be problem areas in the future and whether HTC will cover these issues if it gets worse in their 1 year hardware warranty?

    The main hiccup that I have (been reading about this in the forums too) is the screen separation issue. My screen is nicely flushed except at the bottom where it doesn't come out of the bezel but is almost on par with the bezel. When I long-press on the bottom area of the screen I hear a little click, as if it now fits in. There's a slight light leakage noticed only when in completely dark room (About 2 inches left of the Home button and 1/2 inch below the Home button). Will HTC take care of this issue if it gets worse in their 1 year hardware warranty?

    I am okay with a refurbished EVO in the future. If I exchange the phone now, there's no guarantee that the new phone device doesn't have any issues or light leakage, etc. I was wondering if the 30 day warranty starts again after I receive the new device for the exchange of current EVO? Besides my current EVO has no issues other than the 3 mentioned; volume button, headset jack and minor screen separation.

    What could I/others do to save ourselves from dealing with Sprint/HTC in case the condition of the phone worsens in the future or paying extra for something that shouldn't have been a problem in the first place. Sorry for the long email. Please ignore, if it bothers you :) but would really help if you have some suggestions.



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