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EVO homescreens?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Putty, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Putty

    Putty Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    How can I remove the 2nd one with all the Sprint stuff and make it apps that I download? Right now it appears to be some music player and other apps.


  2. Jedson29

    Jedson29 Newbie

    I am not sure you can just delete a whole home page. But if you want to get rid of icons tap on the icon and hold, then when instructed, drag it to the bottom to delete. Hope I helped!
  3. AM2

    AM2 Android Enthusiast

    anyone know where the setting to download emails "as they arrive" is?
  4. DeusInnomen

    DeusInnomen Newbie

    There isn't an option for that in the stock Mail application, I'm afraid. Exchange and the Gmail app download as they arrive (aka get pushed) but for any other account the best you can do is every 5 minutes. I settle for that, it's close enough to "real time" for me.
  5. mikevember

    mikevember Member

    If it is an Exchange account in the regular mail app you can do "as they arrive"
  6. KiLo11

    KiLo11 Well-Known Member

    u can only have gmail and one exchange account do that the rest will check for new emails depending on the settings u put like either every 5,15,30 etc mins
  7. asaberan

    asaberan Well-Known Member

    Actually there is an option, at least in Exchange/Activesync email accounts. Go into the mail account you want to edit and push menu. Then go to More--settings--send & receive, and then go to the "Schedule" section. By default it should be "As Items Arrive" though.
  8. DeusInnomen

    DeusInnomen Newbie

    Er, that's what I said. "Exchange and the Gmail app download as they arrive". *shrug* Either way. :)
  9. Putty

    Putty Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I need to have more blank homescreens to place all the apps i download. I dont want them hidden. Is there anyway to do this?
    Are the number of homescreens out the box all you can have (7)?
  10. dannydos

    dannydos Lurker

    if you tap and hold the screen u want to be removed. it will have a green box around the whole screen, at this point u will see a remove button at the bottom . just drag it to that location and it will get deleted
  11. Putty

    Putty Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    OK, let me rephrase that....can you have more than 7 homescreens?
  12. C0nfused

    C0nfused Lurker

  13. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    I think you have WAAYYY too many apps! :D

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