Feb 15, 2010
Hanover Park, IL
Well I pre ordered my Evo couple weeks ago, and the other night I was talking to my mom about it when I brought up Tethering feature and her eyes lit up. She currently uses a Tracfone (yea I know hahahaha) and is asking about getting added on to my plan, which i don't mind. My parents go camping alot and my mom is kind of addicted to Facebook (Farmville in general), so shes trying to look into mobile internet. I know there's a $29.99 fee for activating the hotspot everymonth, but I'm curious if that she activated it on her Evo, and I also did later in the month, does it bill per phone, or plan? Anyone have an idea what I'm talking about?
It is per phone.... If you had two EVO's on your plan and two hotspots it would be the Plan Cost + 20.00 (10.00 premium data per phone)+ 59.98 (29.99 hotspot fee per phone) + all taxes and fees.