Sep 11, 2011
Hi guys,

My brother (who lives with me) replaced his old Samsung Moment with a HTC EVO 4G. I owned one of my own for over a year now and get great reception in my apartment and solid 3G coverage. However, my brother with whom I share the same Sprint Plan (we have a family plan) is constantly roaming all the time and missing incoming calls. He works on call, so this is very problematic for him

So far I got it rooted, and flashed to cyanogen (though I reflashed to a Sense ROM to do some trouble shooting later - mostly to update Sprint profile and PRL)

Anywho, the phone won't accept calls for some reason. It makes outgoing calls without a problem and occassionally receives calls (but only from certain landlines like Google Phone), otherwise the phone call goes straight to voicemail. It's always roaming for some reason too though my block has the best Sprint coverage in half a mile radius and there's a cell tower about 400 meters north of us. Otherwise, all other incoming calls get sent to voicemail without the phone ever ringing or showing a missed call

My phone is exactly the same phone, with exact same carrier and will the exact same settings and configurations, same rom (cyanogen 7) and never misses a call, never roams, always gets great reception at my place. The other phone is basically the exact oppposite. The only difference I can find is the radio, but its the latest baseband version (just came out less than a week ago, while my radio is from like last year -so I doubt that's the problem) Flashed to a Sense ROM to update the PRL and the profile, doesnt help either.

It seems to me that it's not a problem with the network, but its something with the phone that I am overlooking. I dont want to give the phone back since that means I have to unroot it and flash it back to the stock Sprint Rom

What am I overlooking here?

P.S. I crawled up and down all the android forums for most of the night, last night - i couldn't find anything.

Please help - it would be tremendously appreciated
and his phone has the latest radio?

have you tried the radio combo.
[ Radios ][ 9-5 ] All EVO Radio, WiMAX, PRI, NV & HBoot versions - xda-developers

His baseband version is - that's the latest one as far as I know, was just released a week ago.

I have not tried that new combo, but then again I never upgraded the radio on my own, and from what I rtead that's the only way to brick your phone - so I'm kinda antsy about doing on it on an Evo that's not even a week old.
well the only thing that i can think of then is that you might have to take it in. try unrooting it and see if it fixes anything. and if it does not then just take it in.
well the only thing that i can think of then is that you might have to take it in. try unrooting it and see if it fixes anything. and if it does not then just take it in.

How likely do you think that upgrading radio/wimax/etc. will fix it?
His radio and PRI are already the latest version that is shown in that Culkulin link. I doubt that upgrading Wimax and NV would solve any problems

I'll just unroot it and have him take it in then. It's really odd though that his Samsung Moment never had any of these problems but as soon as he moved in with me, he immediately had exact same problems with perpetual roaming and missing calls that he has had with his new Evo.

It's like there's a black hole of coverage in my apartment that is set aside just for him.
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