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Evo on rollercoaster

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by expletiveinserted, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. expletiveinserted

    Thread Starter

    Odd question:

    Would you take your Evo on a rollercoaster/rides at an amusement park or leave it in the car? I have cargo shorts with pockets that SHOULD keep it secure...but the vibrations alone from the coaster scare me let alone losing it on a the ride on sharp turns/upside down on parts of the ride.

    I do have a case with a clip which I believe can also be looped through a belt.

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  2. SteveChiller

    SteveChiller Member

    Id leave it in a backpack or in a locker, im to scared to break my baby!
  3. basso4735

    basso4735 Member

    Id just keep it in my pocket. It's a phone, thats the whole point.
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  4. Caker

    Caker Member

    I always go to Six Flags and put it in a plastic bag with my wallet and it stays perfectly. Also, it's in my gym shorts.
  5. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Android Enthusiast

    its a phone. throw it in the pocket, and enjoy the ride.
  6. expletiveinserted

    Thread Starter

    I know it's a phone! But an expensive one. Yes i have TEP, but who wants to throw away 100 bucks on a lost/damaged phone from a rollercoaster ride!?
  7. manny84

    manny84 Well-Known Member

    I took it with me on a few rides at Six Flags: Great Adventure. I went on Nitro, Kinda Ka (tallest rollercoaster in the US), and the Batman ride. I managed to snap a shot with my EVO as I was ascending on Nitro.

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  8. whtge8

    whtge8 Well-Known Member

    It wont fall out of the pocket. Most roller coasters fit you very tight against the seat that theres no way it can slip out. Not to mention the g-forces would press it to your body anyways. I go to Universal Studios like every other week and I still have my EVO. :)
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  9. FrostyD

    FrostyD Newbie

    I actually had a phone slip out of my pocket on the boss at six flags, but at the end of the ride it ended up just being on the seat because the ride was wooden, meaning no flips or drastic movements. I'll be going to six flags soon again, I'll leave the phone in a locker or my car, no reason to risk it. If you can last most of the day without texting your friends and checking your facebook, don't bother bringing it.
  10. jsweets13

    jsweets13 Newbie

    I was at sixflags this wed and went on kinda ka and went for round two to take a video but they closed the ride for some reason. I wanted to put the camcorder to some good uses.
  11. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    Sweetttt. I LOVE Nitro. Attached is a video I took with one of my old Sanyo flip phones on Nitro when it was new.

    YouTube - ‪Six Flags Nitro.mov‬‎
  12. manny84

    manny84 Well-Known Member

    Lol, sweet video man. I don't know you managed to hold onto your phone whilst coming down that drop!
  13. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    lol, very tightly. It was also a lot easier back then, since the phone was a lot smaller and easier to hold. There is *NO WAY* I would do this with my evo.
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  14. Traceamount

    Traceamount Well-Known Member

    I would be pretty tempted to take video! Not gonna lie, lol With the EVO that is. Even if you dropped it, youd have a cool story, and cool video to the ground!
  15. A$$Hat

    A$$Hat Lurker

    Take it on the ride. I go to Six Flags New England and ride Bizzaro (formally Superman) rated #1 Steel Rollercoaster in the world and it stays put fine.

    Ha - be careful on King Da Ka. Was down there last summer and almost got kicked out for having a stuffed fish on a stick (from the ring toss) out at launch. The photo taker threatened to throw me out of the park (calling security and all) when I wanted my photo. It was quite funny. I just walked away from the kid and got it at another Kodak booth where the guy thought it was awesome.

    You only live once friend. Its totally worth risking $100 to have your phone with you in the que bored out of your mind.
  16. alansauce

    alansauce Member

    bring a wussy friend and have them hold it while you're on the ride
  17. gnarlyDUCK

    gnarlyDUCK Well-Known Member

    Bring a car mount, mount that sucker on the coaster!
  18. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    I am going to Great Adventure in the near future, and I am becoming more and more tempted to record something. I'm really not sure if I want to risk my evo though, but it would make for a sweet video!
  19. mkampy

    mkampy Android Enthusiast

    Front facing camera FTW...

    For what it's worth, I work at an amusement park in Kansas city, and there are file cabinets full of phones that are lost & turned in weekly. per month I would guess between 20-50 phones are turned in.
  20. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    The last time I went to Great Adventure, about 4 months ago, a phone fell out of someones pocket and nearly hit me in the face! We had a good time laughing about that...
  21. Im actually heading to Six flags in a couple of days, i am deffinitly NOT bringing my Evo with me onto the rides..i tend to always worry about my phones each time i had brought them with me onto rides..My blackberry even had its own case and clip and i still worried about it all day..the Evo not taking ANY chances with it..it will be left at the locker...would leave it in the car but the heat that will generate in the car from the direct sun rays might damage the phone.
  22. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    no way in hell i pay an additional $2 per ride to store my stuff. their new rule is insane, btw. they don't even let you put prescription glasses on a railing at the exit, you MUST take it with you on the ride, or store it in a locker. so, I am supposed to wait on an hour+ line blind cause of this?

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  23. Traceamount

    Traceamount Well-Known Member

    Wait heat can damage this phone? I guess having it in 125+ degree attics 4-5 days a week must surely have killed it! I did notice the water indicator behind the case has been triggered :D
  24. Barats

    Barats Android Enthusiast

    Yeah six flags has become very gay. You have to pay to keep your stuff in a locker for all the good rides as they do not let you bring anything on. Just another way for them to nuckel and dime you.
  25. lk2500

    lk2500 Newbie

    I would not recommend trying to tape a coaster with the EVO. It's really tough with the candy bar style cameras + you have no wrist strap. If you did have a locking wrist strap it might be ok on some roller coasters but it's really tough to hold this type of camcorder with one hand. I made the mistake of trying to film X2 at SF Magic Mountain with a Kodak Playsport, just not a great idea at all. It does depend on the coaster though, I was able to tape California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure and some other rides.

    As far as carrying the Evo on a coaster - I would make sure it's secured in a cargo pocket. And, of course again, it depends on the coaster. Something like X2, Tatsu, or Batman at Magic Mountain the phone could easily come out of an unsecured pocket since you are upside down with you legs dangling. Even in a cargo pocket it's going to bang around a bit. Putting it in a ziplock does help it from sliding around (and will keep it dry on the water rides). My wife was sitting underneath the Silver Bullet (suspended type coaster) at Knotts Berry Farm a few weeks ago and witnessed a flying cell phone explode on the ground, it missed a little girls head by about a foot. She said right after that about a half dozen people came out of line and handed their cell phones to their friends.

    Some parks will actually stop the ride if they see you with a camcorder. I saw on another forum where they stopped Millenium Force at Cedar Point for 10 minutes while they confiscated a camcorder.

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